Thursday, August 13, 2009

Will Sell Soul for Sugar...

Oh God... Need biscuits... Must. Have. Sugar. NOW!!!

It is day 4 of my "Lose Weight, Get Fit, NO MORE EXCUSES!!!" diet and excersize plan and I am DYING for biscuits. I'm not talking about a simple "mmm... I could really go for a biscuit right about now" sort of craving. I am talking about a full blown, oh my god, have to have it, would rip your head off for a thick, soft, buttery flapjack filled with loads of sweet, oaty goodness.

Damn you tinygreenmama. Damn you and your oh so divine flapjacks that you just HAD to bring into my house yesterday and that I just HAD to have a taste of. OH. MY. GOD!!!!! We are talking heaven in your mouth. I actually spent all of the girls' precious nap time yesterday scouring the internet in search of her secret recipe. Did I find it? No.

I found every other flapjack recipe on the planet, but nowhere could I find the one that she swears by. I was sickened. But, I figured, oh well! Maybe it's for the best, I won't be able to make the flapjacks and I'll go to bed and by tomorrow the craving will be gone. Right?


I woke up this morning with a yen for flapjacks. By midday, the "Yen" was an all out craving. It was back to the internet to continue my quest for the magic "guilt free, diet friendly, nothing bad for you, super good for you, eat as many as humanly possible and still lose weight" flapjack.

Apparently, it doesn't exist.


Of course, I am breastfeeding... And they do say you need to up your calories for that. And considering the fact that I'm breastfeeding not one, but BOTH of my babies... Well! I'd say that a few flapjacks wouldn't go astray. In fact, flapjacks are filled with oats which are great for milk production (Can somebody say Moooooo...) so really, by denying myself the flapjacks, I'm putting the old milk factory in PERIL and that is a risk I am NOT willing to take, even if it does mean making myself a GINORMOUS pan of flapjacks and inhaling every last one of them before J gets home.

After all, he's trying to get fit too but he's not breastfeeding and I really wouldn't want to put temptation in his path.


The things I do for love.


  1. If you find the flapjack recipe.... let me know........

    Breastfeeding and dieting just should not go together.... I don't think it will hurt the babies..... But is very bad for mommy's ( mental) health........ :-) some people have therapy...... I had double stuff oreos.... They're cheaper..... and taste better....

  2. Ha,ha,ha (evil laugh) I'm eating one now. I'll bring the recipe, along with a sample, to our next'Inspiration Morning.'

  3. Yes, you should not deny yourself flapjacks. I had the most delish pancakes at a little place in Austin Texas, they were whole wheat gingerbread. I bet I could throw in some oats and make them super spectacular.

  4. oh, wait, and I forgot to add 'happy saturday sharefest!'