Thursday, August 6, 2009

Recessionary Fun

Who says a recession can't be fun? Tinygreenmama from tinygreenpeople ( love, love, love this site!) has thrown down the "No More Stuff" challenge and I for one have decided to take part. Here's the deal...

Basically, Tinygreenmama (tgm for short, too long to keep typing out) is this mad (as in crazy. She doesn't have rage issues or anything), eco - friendly Irishwoman I know. She's like some sort of pioneer/feminist/supermama all rolled into one except that she's not intimidating in the least (Mad, yes. Intimidating, no.)

For starters, she readily admits to being a shitty housekeeper. Secondly, unlike a lot of other green beans out there, SHE DOESN'T RUB IT IN YOUR FACE!!!!! Even though I have probably filled several landfills with all the disposable nappies the Snot Queen has gone through (I'm trying cloth on the tiny one) and that I have a deep fear of my compost bin (blech!), we remain friends and she has yet to call the eco police on me.

Anyhoo.... For the next three months, tgm has forsaken the cult of consumerism and thrown off the shackles of shopping. Basically, anything she needs, she will either make, buy second hand or swap for something she no longer needs.

Anything new that she buys must be the most eco friendly version available.

She will then blog all about her experiences here and maybe here too.

I have decided to join her.

Right after I get my new contact lenses that is.

How about you? Anyone else want to take up the challenge?

Oh crap. Snot Queen's eating crayons again... Bye for now!

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  1. I'm all teary eyed....hugs!!
    Thanks for plugging the site.

    Great to have you on board, let's have some fun with this!!!