Saturday, February 28, 2009

Three for a tenner

Oh God. The reality of this pregnancy is finally starting to sink in. In just over 12 weeks (12 WEEKS!!!!!) the new baby is going to be here. 12WEEKS!!!! Where the hell did the time go? Doesn't this baby know that it's not due until the start of June? And doesn't this same baby know that June is FOREVER away?

June is summer. For the kids and teachers it marks the beginning of summer holidays and the end of the school year. In order to get to June, you must first pass lent and Easter. It was the sun that did it you know. So long as it was rainy and miserable and dark, June was as far away as my toes now seem most most days. And then something happened....

Without my really noticing, the cold and miserableness slowly disappeared and a lovely warm breeze swept in. A news item about baby lambs on RTE declared Spring to be here. Instead of two layers of shirts and a puffy winter jacket, I was now able to bring my daughter for a walk in a nice light hoodie (still wearing her hat and blanket mind you!) The days started staying lighter just a little bit longer and then, the ultimate sign that winter was on the way out....Tesco's started stocking Easter Eggs. Boxes and boxes of brightly coloured chocolate eggs, their foil wrappers begging to be unfurled revealing the chocolatey goodness within...

How did it happen? I still have days when I forget that I'm even pregnant! Which, if you could see the size of my bump these days would show you the depth of my delusion. My last pregnancy CRAWLED by! It lasted FOREVER!!!! This one seems like it's barely started and already I'm approaching the finishing line.

Back up the boat! I have things to do, places to go, people to see.... The book isn't finished yet, I still need a publisher (if anyone knows of anyone in the bookword, wink wink, nudge nudge...) We are due to move house in a month, we don't know where we're moving, the freezer door still needs fixing and I still haven't gotten the courage to tell my landlords I lost my keys!

Last week, everything was okay. Last week, we had until the baby got here, we had until June to finish off our to do list. This week though, this week is a different story altogether, because this week, Tesco's is stocking Easter eggs and June is 12 weeks away.

Oh well, at the moment, they're still full price. When they're marked down 3 for a tenner, that's when I'll start to panic....

Friday, February 27, 2009

Rota's Revenge

Blech....I HATE being sick!!!!! Especially in the tummy region. Even the slightest discomfort there and I am down for the count and miserable to be around to boot. I do not make a good patient. Not for me any of this "smile through the pain," malarkey. If I am sick, everybody knows it. Which brings me to today's blog.....

I am sick.

Okay, so I'm not dying or anything (I hope) and it's actually quite manageable so long as I sit very still and relax. Here's the problem.... being a stay at home mom to a 13 month old daughter does not exactly lend itself to sitting quietly and feeling sorry for oneself.

For example, since starting typing a few minutes ago I have already had to dislodge several bits of unknown "Fireplace dirt" from her fists en route to her mouth and change what had to be the mankest smelling nappy known to man, woman or beast. Half of her dinner is still in her hair and we are both still wearing our pyjamas.

Add to that the fact that tiny babs number two has spent the day practicing free kicks on my internal organs and I have come to the conclusion that pregnancy and motherhood are not conducive to being unwell. Babies have no sympathy for a less then robust mum.

Oh God! She's stuck behind the couch again.

Roll on 6:00pm.....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Procrastination Report

It's incredible how much you can get done when you are SUPPOSED to be doing something else.... My plan for today was to continue working away at the book, in particular, focusing on the Renegade Parenting section (sounds so wild, who'd think it was mostly to do with alternative ways of sleeping, eating and yes...pooping... for you and your baby?) as well as sorting through the SAHM (Stay at home mom for those of you not in the know) and Working Mom Questions and Answers.

Instead, I deep cleaned my fridge and defrosted my freezer and then set about scrubbing my floors and doing yet another load of laundry. I checked my email oooooooooh, I'd say about 400 times, replied to a few letters, chatted to a few friends online and double checked some reservations I'd made earlier in the week. I made a water area for the baby to play in and planned suppers for the next few nights. I surfed the web in the name of research and now am writing this blog.

The odd thing is that I really love working on the book. I get so excited when I read through the various experiences other women have had, some funny, some maddening and some heartbreakingly sad. I love having those "ME TOO!" moments when I really connect with what someone's written and just want to call them up and invite them over for a good long natter. I love writing down my own thoughts in the hopes that someday, someone will read them and go "Oh thank God! I'm not the only nutcase out there!" and I absolutely cannot wait for the day when this book is out on the shelves and people can pick it up and see that they are not alone. That there is no clear cut way of doing this whole "mothering" thing and that we are all just doing the best we can with what we have.

Of course, that's not going to happen until I sit myself down and get some work done.

No matter how clean my fridge is...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do I really Need to Pay the ESB?

WHY? WHY? WHHHYYYYYYYY????????? My dream buggy was finally within my grasp and thanks to the evil trinity that is the electricity bill, the South Doc Bill (€70.00 for being absolutely USELESS!) and our car tax all coming due at the same time, it has slipped through my fingers like so much dream buggy coloured dust. Sigh.......

It's so not fair. I have been salivating over this buggy for months. Ever since the reality of having two babies within 16 months actually sunk in and I realized we would be gaining entry to the double buggy brigade, I have been searching for the perfect ride.

Being a rear facing fan, the first thing I noticed was that the vast majority of Double buggies tend to be forward facers. For me, this was not an option. I am a big fan of chattering away like an idiot to my daughter as we shop and asking her opinion on our purchases. So off a'Googling I went and found what appeared to be the only 5 or so rear facing double buggies in the known universe, all of which shared at least one of the following attributes:

1. They cost twice as much as our car even before such luxurious "extras" like seats were added in.

2. Their size drastically reduced the number of places you could expect to fit into (or for that matter be considered "welcome")

3. The poor child unfortunate enough to sit in the rear seat would be granted the magical view of the back of the front seat. Nice.

And then, just as we had all but given up, a ray of hope shone through the darkness... I was told by a friend about the most terrific of tandems, the most delightful of doubles, the gold standard, holy grail of rear facing double buggies.... The Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Pushchair.

Suitable from birth to 40lbs, this super swank buggy came equipped with swivel seats which allowed the babies to choose not only between rearward and forward facing but also offered the option of the babies FACING EACH OTHER!!!!!! Immediately, my mind was filled with the image of my two beautiful babies chattering away to each other as we walked and then, when they inevitably started to bicker, turning them to face away from each other or else both to face me. It was magical!

Aside from the incredible seating options, my dream buggy also came equipped with a cup holder for the grown up and a snack try for the babies! And all of this for the magical price of $159 U.S Dollars!!!!! That's like what? €2? I was ecstatic! My journey was over, my quest complete. I had found the double buggy of my dreams and my partner's laser card was practically burning a hole in my pocket, BEGGING to be used! So what you ask, was the catch?

These buggies are only available in the States.

I am in Ireland.

The retaillers do not ship worldwide and from the online estimates, it would cost another $350 to ship privately (much, much more then €2.00)

My heart was broken and my spirit shattered. For a time I persevered, but eventually had to admit defeat. My dream was over, I would have to find another buggy to love. And then, fate, well, ebay, intervened. A couple from England with far more gumption then I, had managed to have one of these magicmobiles shipped from the states a year previously and now were selling it on!

Which brings us to earlier today. The moment of truth, when after several exciting email exchanges with my new best friends in England, my partner's laser card was once again twitching excitedly in my hand and my finger was poised above the button that would change our lives forever, "Bid now!"

Then came the unholy trinity in the post. We never stood a chance....

It seems the only button I'll be pressing in the future is the off button. Off with the heating, off with the television, off with the hot water....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Solid Poo!!!!!

WE HAVE SOLID POO!!!!!!!! After 8 days of horrible, mank smelling, runny nappies, the evil rota virus has lost it's grip on my child!!!! Ha Ha! score 1 for the powers of good!
That's all! More tomorrow:)

All in a morning's work...

Do you know how much you can accomplish when you get up at 5 in the morning? I didn't, and had no intention on ever finding out until this morning, when, having gone to bed at 8pm instead of her usual "somewhere in the wee hours" my little sweetpea awoke after nine solid hours of sleep and declared herself open for business. I on the other hand, had, true to form, stayed up until past midnight reading -of all things - a book on infant sleep - and was in no mood to have my slumber disturbed for at LEAST another 3 hours.

Alas, it was not to be and after 45 futile minutes spent trying to convince the princess that yes, she really was still sleepy, I caved and rolled bleary eyed into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the infant overlord, now busy squeezing out poos on the potty. Charming. Daddy meanwhile, slept on. Seriously, how do men do it? I have yet to decide if they simply do not hear the wailing infant 6cm away from their ear or if they blithely choose to ignore it, confident that mammy will take care of everything allowing them to sink back into sweet, sweet slumber. I am afraid to think too closely on this one for fear of my reaction. I do still need him to pay the bills after all...

Anyhoo... Poos done and breakfast eaten - hers, not mine - my little angel proceeded to pull herself to standing by the bookcase and happily set about emptying every shelf within her reach. Meanwhile, mama on the other hand was feeling the ever present "nesting" instinct kicking into high gear and suddenly seeing dirt sprouting before my very eyes.

I started in the kitchen. Telling myself to keep it in check, I tried to satisfy myself with simply wiping down the counters and brushing the floor. But like the addict I've become, it wasn't enough. I needed more. I moved onto the stove, scrubbing the range and getting the bits of dirt out from under the dials and soaking the bottom of the oven in baking soda and water. From there it was a small step to putting in a fresh load of laundry (or two) and folding that which was already dry. When I noticed the dust in the fireplace, my eyes lit up with the zealousnes of the true fanatic!

At this point, I put on the kettle for a cup of tea only to realize that brushing the floor hadn't quite done the job and instead used the boiling water to mop the floors in the kitchen, sitting room, hallway and bathroom which I then vacuumed for for good measure...

By the time my partner roused himself at 830, our house had been scrubbed from top to bottom and I was a sweating wreck in the sitting room, our daughter gazing at me wearily from her perch by the (spotless) coffee table.

By 9 o'clock, the fervour had dimmed and it was back to bed for a well earned nap. By the time most people were beginning their day's work, my to do list had long been cleared!

We are moving house in a month's time. As I scan the rent ads each day, my brain is already moving ahead to the next challenge, packing up our belongings for the big move. It's like Christmas come early... I can hardly wait.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!
Here you will find out all you ever wanted to know about my daughter, (lily) her nappies, (currently very messy and very smelly courtesy of the RotaVirus. Blech) my pregnancy, my thoughts (all very deep and mesmerizing, I assure you) and the progress of my book (trotting along quite nicely thank you very much!)

I apologize in advance for any and all grammatical errors I may make. I haven't had a good night's sleep in almost two years, I'm extremely hormonal and am liable to snap at any moment. Please consider these factors carefully before commenting on my literary short comings. Or on any of my shortcomings come to think of it!

Starting tomorrow, I will be extremely witty, warm and wise. Right now, I am waaaaaay too tired.

Off to bed,
Sweet Dreams!
Mammy x