Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Solid Poo!!!!!

WE HAVE SOLID POO!!!!!!!! After 8 days of horrible, mank smelling, runny nappies, the evil rota virus has lost it's grip on my child!!!! Ha Ha! score 1 for the powers of good!
That's all! More tomorrow:)


  1. Ha... am liking this!!! also a mom with runny pooh and lots of puke last week!

  2. It almost becomes a quest, the hunt for solid poos:) Mad how the things that obsess you change when you have a baby!

  3. My guy had the rota virus also and one day I picked him up by the legs to see if it had seeped out the back of the nappy onto his vest to actually see it pour out of the nappy when I raised his legs......that was a virus I hope never to see again