Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do I really Need to Pay the ESB?

WHY? WHY? WHHHYYYYYYYY????????? My dream buggy was finally within my grasp and thanks to the evil trinity that is the electricity bill, the South Doc Bill (€70.00 for being absolutely USELESS!) and our car tax all coming due at the same time, it has slipped through my fingers like so much dream buggy coloured dust. Sigh.......

It's so not fair. I have been salivating over this buggy for months. Ever since the reality of having two babies within 16 months actually sunk in and I realized we would be gaining entry to the double buggy brigade, I have been searching for the perfect ride.

Being a rear facing fan, the first thing I noticed was that the vast majority of Double buggies tend to be forward facers. For me, this was not an option. I am a big fan of chattering away like an idiot to my daughter as we shop and asking her opinion on our purchases. So off a'Googling I went and found what appeared to be the only 5 or so rear facing double buggies in the known universe, all of which shared at least one of the following attributes:

1. They cost twice as much as our car even before such luxurious "extras" like seats were added in.

2. Their size drastically reduced the number of places you could expect to fit into (or for that matter be considered "welcome")

3. The poor child unfortunate enough to sit in the rear seat would be granted the magical view of the back of the front seat. Nice.

And then, just as we had all but given up, a ray of hope shone through the darkness... I was told by a friend about the most terrific of tandems, the most delightful of doubles, the gold standard, holy grail of rear facing double buggies.... The Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Pushchair.

Suitable from birth to 40lbs, this super swank buggy came equipped with swivel seats which allowed the babies to choose not only between rearward and forward facing but also offered the option of the babies FACING EACH OTHER!!!!!! Immediately, my mind was filled with the image of my two beautiful babies chattering away to each other as we walked and then, when they inevitably started to bicker, turning them to face away from each other or else both to face me. It was magical!

Aside from the incredible seating options, my dream buggy also came equipped with a cup holder for the grown up and a snack try for the babies! And all of this for the magical price of $159 U.S Dollars!!!!! That's like what? €2? I was ecstatic! My journey was over, my quest complete. I had found the double buggy of my dreams and my partner's laser card was practically burning a hole in my pocket, BEGGING to be used! So what you ask, was the catch?

These buggies are only available in the States.

I am in Ireland.

The retaillers do not ship worldwide and from the online estimates, it would cost another $350 to ship privately (much, much more then €2.00)

My heart was broken and my spirit shattered. For a time I persevered, but eventually had to admit defeat. My dream was over, I would have to find another buggy to love. And then, fate, well, ebay, intervened. A couple from England with far more gumption then I, had managed to have one of these magicmobiles shipped from the states a year previously and now were selling it on!

Which brings us to earlier today. The moment of truth, when after several exciting email exchanges with my new best friends in England, my partner's laser card was once again twitching excitedly in my hand and my finger was poised above the button that would change our lives forever, "Bid now!"

Then came the unholy trinity in the post. We never stood a chance....

It seems the only button I'll be pressing in the future is the off button. Off with the heating, off with the television, off with the hot water....


  1. oh no way that sucks! Any chance they would ship to canada and you could have the rellies ship it over here? I ended up buying my bugaboo in the states and just carrying it home with me (pre baby) the prices were so much cheaper than here.

  2. Oh PS I have a name suggestion for you - I get the feeling you guys are kicking around m names - Mainie - similiar to Maisie - I thought it was cute - got it from Mainie Jellett - one of Ireland's first modernist painters. I think her real name was Mary Harriet but Mainie was what everyone called her.

  3. I Like it! Especially as we can't use Maisie (Sob!) as it rhymes with dps last name:(

  4. my parents are going to new york at the end of next month, any way we could get them to bring it back or would they be stung at customs in dub? Is it huge all boxed up?

  5. Had to google that buggie...wowzers, i love it, almost want to get pg again, just to get it. ds was 2yr7mths when dd arrived so no need for double.
    love the blog, i really must get round to filling out questionaire for you.
    keep up the great work