Friday, February 27, 2009

Rota's Revenge

Blech....I HATE being sick!!!!! Especially in the tummy region. Even the slightest discomfort there and I am down for the count and miserable to be around to boot. I do not make a good patient. Not for me any of this "smile through the pain," malarkey. If I am sick, everybody knows it. Which brings me to today's blog.....

I am sick.

Okay, so I'm not dying or anything (I hope) and it's actually quite manageable so long as I sit very still and relax. Here's the problem.... being a stay at home mom to a 13 month old daughter does not exactly lend itself to sitting quietly and feeling sorry for oneself.

For example, since starting typing a few minutes ago I have already had to dislodge several bits of unknown "Fireplace dirt" from her fists en route to her mouth and change what had to be the mankest smelling nappy known to man, woman or beast. Half of her dinner is still in her hair and we are both still wearing our pyjamas.

Add to that the fact that tiny babs number two has spent the day practicing free kicks on my internal organs and I have come to the conclusion that pregnancy and motherhood are not conducive to being unwell. Babies have no sympathy for a less then robust mum.

Oh God! She's stuck behind the couch again.

Roll on 6:00pm.....


  1. On the plus side, that is the most beautiful picture ever. The boobs! The top! The hair! The bump!

  2. I know!!! (Not to be vain or anything:) I LOVE pregnancy!!!