Saturday, February 28, 2009

Three for a tenner

Oh God. The reality of this pregnancy is finally starting to sink in. In just over 12 weeks (12 WEEKS!!!!!) the new baby is going to be here. 12WEEKS!!!! Where the hell did the time go? Doesn't this baby know that it's not due until the start of June? And doesn't this same baby know that June is FOREVER away?

June is summer. For the kids and teachers it marks the beginning of summer holidays and the end of the school year. In order to get to June, you must first pass lent and Easter. It was the sun that did it you know. So long as it was rainy and miserable and dark, June was as far away as my toes now seem most most days. And then something happened....

Without my really noticing, the cold and miserableness slowly disappeared and a lovely warm breeze swept in. A news item about baby lambs on RTE declared Spring to be here. Instead of two layers of shirts and a puffy winter jacket, I was now able to bring my daughter for a walk in a nice light hoodie (still wearing her hat and blanket mind you!) The days started staying lighter just a little bit longer and then, the ultimate sign that winter was on the way out....Tesco's started stocking Easter Eggs. Boxes and boxes of brightly coloured chocolate eggs, their foil wrappers begging to be unfurled revealing the chocolatey goodness within...

How did it happen? I still have days when I forget that I'm even pregnant! Which, if you could see the size of my bump these days would show you the depth of my delusion. My last pregnancy CRAWLED by! It lasted FOREVER!!!! This one seems like it's barely started and already I'm approaching the finishing line.

Back up the boat! I have things to do, places to go, people to see.... The book isn't finished yet, I still need a publisher (if anyone knows of anyone in the bookword, wink wink, nudge nudge...) We are due to move house in a month, we don't know where we're moving, the freezer door still needs fixing and I still haven't gotten the courage to tell my landlords I lost my keys!

Last week, everything was okay. Last week, we had until the baby got here, we had until June to finish off our to do list. This week though, this week is a different story altogether, because this week, Tesco's is stocking Easter eggs and June is 12 weeks away.

Oh well, at the moment, they're still full price. When they're marked down 3 for a tenner, that's when I'll start to panic....


  1. Tell me about it! im due start of April! APRIL! lol, I have 5 weeks to go, and I felt like we found out we were pregnant at the same time. no, I have 5 weeks left.
    And when the eggs are 3 for a tenner... well, then my baby will either be here (ahhhh!) or will be on its way.

  2. ahahahaha, maria i love it

  3. Good job, who did you get to write this for you?

  4. Ha Ha my love, ha ha:) Go do the dishes! They're piling up!