Monday, August 24, 2009

Home on the Range...

My baby is under the extractor fan.

No, I have not lost the plot completely. I do have SOME nerves left, frayed as they may be...

After spending the last hour bouncing, jiggling, rocking, feeding, changing and winding the tiny princess to no avail, a small voice in my head reminded me of this neat trick which had been passed on to me via my own personal, "mam's network."

The logic behind this seemingly odd tip is that the hum of the fan works as "white noise" and helps to settle your baby to sleep.

So at the start of this post, I whupped the baby up onto the range. On went the extractor fan. (For all of you swooning at the recklessness of the phrase "baby on the range," I did not leave her unattended at any point. Mom, you can put down the phone.)

By the time I typed "mam's network," she was down for the count.

I am such a pro...

Do you have any "odd" tips that work for you?


  1. Baby on the range....... laughing my you know what off!!!

    I'd have let them sleep IN the range if it worked.....


  2. I always use the extractor fan too, just put it on max and pull the buggy close, or the dryer...
    Do NOT put baby in the dryer pls...

  3. Can't believe I didn't know about the extractor fan, I had a brand spanking new jazzy one beneath my feet while I was holding up the damn hairdryer for minutes on end in the bedroom.

  4. I don't know about babbies, but putting a fan next to the bed totally works for my hubbie. ;)

  5. AHHH! just read this and I too had forgotten this fab tip.
    put wriggly little one in bouncer below the fan... peace and quiet!
    thanks mammydiaries!

  6. The hair dryer works great for me (white noise, the bouncy chair beside the washing machine (when its on) or a speedy walk in the buggy :-)

  7. Hiya, I had to stop by and let you know I think your blog is a great read.
    I`ll be reading more tomorrow providing I`m not in the middle of giving birth to my fifth (overdue) child.
    Best wishes, Crazy xx