Friday, August 14, 2009

Will Sell Soul for Sugar: Part 2

The nicest thing just happened to me. I was sitting here, about to have a lazy look through some of my favourite bloggers when I heard something come through the mail slot. Something distinctly non letter like. Something bigger. More solid.

Something sweet.

Something Oaty.

Something to enjoy.

Guilt free.

I love my friends. Thank you lovely, you made my day:) (Please read last post to fully understand just how happy this has made me.)


  1. Everybody loves sweet surprises!

  2. I love everything oatmeal :)

    Stopping by from SITS to say hi. Stop by my blog and see how I am fighting cancer one gift at a time, you an too!

  3. What a sweet gift. And not bad for you either.
    Hi from SITS.

  4. Hey,
    Thanks for stopping by!
    By the way, you asked me about what the carvings mean, well it's a religous thing which says 'God is one, and Mohammad(pbuh) is the last prophet'

    Nice to know that you like the pics, do keep stopping by!

  5. Now that is a good mail day!
    Stopped by from SITS.