Sunday, May 24, 2009

Swept Away...

Is it weird to be jealous of someone for getting an internal examination? To answer my own question if it was being asked by anyone else, "EW!!!! YES! And more then slightly creepy as well!"

However, as I read through the posts of the other "mums 2 be" on rollercoaster, I can't help but be just a teensy bit envious of all the women there whose doctors are only too happy to don the rubber gloves and get stuck into their work. Not only are these women able to be told if their cervix is "ripe" or "favourable," if they are far enough gone, they can even get the doc to give them a "sweep" to encourage things along!

So not fair!!!!

My doc, who has been with me through 2 pregnancies now (this being my second) has never shown any interest in my nether regions and doesn't seem likely to suddenly develope any desire to get to know them in the near future either.

Up until now, this has been fine with me, and to be perfectly honest, I don't really want her going there either. It's gone on too long now. We've long since set the barriers of our doctor/patient relationship and they end at the waistband of my pants. In my mind, for her to give me an internal would be something akin to having a few too many at the Christmas party and falling into bed with your really nice "I like you but not in THAT sort of way..." coworker. It would just be too weird.

I also don't fancy the idea of some anonymous gp who knows that this is the ONLY reason I'm going to them and who knows that there is no future for us beyond this one "encounter." As it's a little late in the game for wining and dining potential candidates, I suppose I'll simply have to remain in the dark about the state of my nether regions.

It seems that my cervix, much like my front walkway, will have to remain unswept.


  1. Dozy, don't worry, I had three of those damn things with Tuffty and they didn't make a bit of difference!

  2. I agree. Through my pregnancy I have never been examined by the doctor...It's a bit weird