Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I did it!

Okay, so after a lot of soul searching (and the start of a rain shower which could seriously damage my treasures ) I decided that it was my civic duty to liberate whatever useful items I could salvage from my old neighbor's yard (sick of saying the word "bin" sounds too dirty.) Far be it for me to be the one who allows our landfills to become over run with perfectly usable items when there are people out there with card board shoes and newspaper beds (one of which I actually made in those hazy days of my early twenties, quite comfy actually!)

My first run secured the ironing board cover, a cork board and the photo frame. Round two was the biggie, the pine desk. Unfortunately, that one will remain a dream as I could only find half of it and while I've apparently lost all my scruples with skimming items from the top, dumpster diving is not yet a sport I am ready to tackle.

On the bright side, I did pick up a collector's plate worth £70.00... Not a bad exchange for a little bit of pride:)

1 comment:

  1. YAY! Good for you MD. I totally would have done the same thing. But probably I would have crept over at night. Besides there is not protocol for this sort of thing here. Once we had a rubbish pile outside the house (mainly cinderblocks etc) and one day we drove into the driveway and noticed someone had kindly ADDED a microwave to our pile. So cheeky.