Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's SUNNY!!!!!

It's Sunny! It's Sunny! It's Sunny! IT'S SUNNY!!!!!!! After the last three days of sitting under a grey Cork sky while the rest of Ireland basked in the first glorious rays of summer (I saw that sunburnt man on the late late show last night!) The sun has finally arrived in Cork City and the surrounding area (apparently it was already in North Cork and West Cork and it's just us urbanites that God hates so much)

Either way, I refuse to waste what could be our only day of partially cloudy skies with temps above 18 and NO RAIN TO BE SEEN sitting indoors on a computer. Check ya later Alligaters!


  1. Hope you didn't get too sunburned! Is it still sunny? Because over here we've had nothing but rain for the last too days! :-(

  2. It's GORGEOUS! I'm almost hyperventilating at the good fortune of it all:) Today looks set to be another winner!