Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reality Check

I've been such a moaner later. I've actually managed to irritate myself this last week with my feelings of "Woe is me" and general end of pregnancy crankiness. I desperately needed a knock round the side of the head and yesterday got one in the form of the loveliest text from a good friend who recently had her second child.

I had texted her with the intention of (what else?) having a quick moan about wanting the baby to get out NOW and let me get back to normal life, to being able to walk comfortably and sneeze without wetting myself etc... and so asked her how she had managed to get through the last weeks of her pregnancy. Her reply reminded me of all the good things I was forgetting about being pregnant:

1. Feeling the kicks, pokes and rolls of this small person you've never met but have grown inside of you for the last nine months. This is the last time you will experience that sort of closeness with them. Once they're out, they're everyone's, but for now it's just us...

2. Looking GORGEOUS while pregnant. I don't care how vain this sounds, but I never feel as sexy, attractive or womanly in real life as I do when I'm pregnant. Even my clothes fit better! Although that being said, it will be nice to expand my clothing options beyond "whatever stretches over the belly!"

3. The way that most people seem to love a pregnant woman and smile when they see me coming. I love the excitement that a new life gives even to perfect strangers. That and the fact that people feel obliged to be extra nice to you and let you sit down and eat loads of biscuits and such...

4. This is the last time that we will be a family of three. The time between now and the new baby's arrival is the last time that the Snot Queen will have our full, undivided attention. I think about the way our days are now structured around her and her needs. I think about our morning cuddles and lazy days spent pottering about together. That's all about to change for her and there's no way to explain it, just do our best to enjoy these last moments and hope that when the time comes, we will have the patience and time to remember that she still needs us too...

As I read her reply, I added another one silently in my head as I thought about all the couples who would love to be in our shoes but for reasons of biology or reasons unknown are unable to conceive a child or else have great difficulties in doing so. I think as well about the families who have lost children and the unbelievable pain and suffering they've had to endure.

I know how incredibly lucky and blessed we are to have our gorgeous, healthy daughter (snotty as she may be at times) and to be expecting number two any day now and if I have to wait just a little longer for that moment, then I'll grin and bear the aching joints and embarrassing "mishaps."

As a good friend of mine told me last time around, " When the fruit is ripe, it will fall."

If not, there's always castor oil...


  1. What a great post. Puts everything into perspective.


  2. Fantastic post, I love it. I am also going through that weary phase towards the end... 37 weeks and feeling heavy, tired and turtle-like. It certainly puts it in perspective yes we are so blessed and lucky to be having a baby (even if it is a recession and we are about to lose all the child benefits - I had to get it in eh?)

    Financial woes aside, it is the last few weeks I will feel the kicks that make me shout "ow", it is the last few weeks random strangers will give me their seat on the Luas, it is the last few weeks I can skip a queue and no one gives out to me (particularly a toilet queue).

    Thanks for reminding us (and to your friend thanks) of how special 'we who are about to pop' are.

  3. Brought tears to my eyes........36 weeks here and it's good to put things in perspective every now and then.