Friday, May 22, 2009


Okay, not to jinx anything, but it's looking like tiny baba may be making an appearance sometime in the very near future...

I had my gp appointment today and after the usual pee in tiny cup/check blood pressure/ get weighed routine, I hopped up on the table to listen to the heartbeat and have the doctor (who by the way is the styliest doctor EVER!) check the baby's position.

The snot Queen busied herself opening drawers and pulling out random bits of medical paraphernalia.

After a bit of prodding and loads of "hmmm - ing" my gp smiled and turned to write something in her chart. As she did, she muttered those magic words "The baby's engaging. Looks like he or she will be arriving sooner rather then later!"

For those of you not in the pregnant know, engagement is when the babs head goes deep into the pelvis and gets set for the final descent. While it can happen ages before labour starts and it is technically possible for the baby to disengage and then re engage blah blah blah... in general, it's a pretty good sign that things are getting moving. Which is great news to my extremely pregnant self.

This latest bit of news was just the push I needed to go home and prepare my "birthing room" formerly known as the second sitting room. Three hours, several trips up and down the stairs with various items of furniture (the men did the carrying, I did the dictating) and a few miles of plastic sheeting laid on the floor and we are one step closer to baby birthing bliss.

The sheets are in the dryer along with several oh so tiny sleepers and onesies and the newborn nappies have been laid out to wait for their new owner.

Alright baby, we're ready when you are...


  1. Hope it wont be long for you. Sounds like you're also in the nesting cant sit still mood- good sign!

  2. Wow! Not long now. Bet you can't wait. Will be checking in. :-)

  3. Mammy Diaries that is so exciting!!!!!

  4. Exciting stuff, will you miss the belly?

  5. Am seriously looking forward to having the baby:) As much fun as pregnancy is (I really do enjoy it!) the last month is so pysically awkward! I think Mother Nature makes it that way in order to ensure that we actually get psyched up about the birth. ROll on Baby!