Monday, March 9, 2009

Call Me Neurotic

Okay, I'm not going to panic... Just because I can't get ahold of the estate agent dealing with the possible rental of our dream house is no reason to get upset. And just because when I called the office to enquire as to whether or not the owners were considering our offer no one knew, does not mean that we have been lost in the shuffle. Oh lord, Pregnant hormones are getting the better of me! Tears are imminent!

We can't lose this house, we can't! I've already mentally moved in! I've made plans for this house!!! I will sell my SOUL for this house!

Update: Okay, heartbeat, return to normal. Breathing, sloooooooow down. Pregnant hormones.... Well, there's nothing I can do about those. They'll have to settle in their own sweet time. I just heard from the letting agents, the owners will settle at 50 above what we offered which will be a bit of a stretch for us, but definitely manageable. Oh god, my stomach's still in knots. I hate stress! I hate dealing with things over the phone.

I am definitely more of an "in person, perhaps over a cup of tea" type of woman. Frankly, the phone terrifies me, which I know, is not the most attractive quality in someone a hairsbreath away from turning thirty (oh god, here comes the vertigo again!) That, combined with the fact that I am most definitely NOT a natural born haggler, means that I probably wasn't the best person to send out property hunting in the first place.

The phone is just so impersonal! You can't make a proper impression over the telephone. It's a noisome, intrusive part of people's lives. You have no say as to when or where people call you so they invariably try and contact you at the WORST possible moment or just when you have no desire to speak with anyone.

I always feel like I'm interupting people when I call them which immediately has me apologizing left right and center, which means it takes even longer for me to get around to the point of the call, thereby maximizing the interruption to their day that my phonecall is already causing. My stomach is in bits just thinking about it!

Texting on the other hand is much nicer. You can read a text, take time to properly digest it and then decide whether or not to reply immediately. If you need to take time to properly formulate your thoughts, you can do that. Not so with a phonecall where the person at the other end of the line has other things to do and needs an answer now and has no time or patience for your hemming and hawing. As I am a very good hemmer and hawer, this does not bode well for me.

If I were ever to take a job in Telemarketing, I'd be dead from stress in a week. Make that a day. Asking people for money makes me ill.

Soooooo..... it looks like our dream house is ours for the taking. Once my nerves have settled, I'm sure I will be very happy indeed:)


  1. congrats darlin, i am sure that all of you will enjoy your new residence.. love dad

  2. Yay how exciting dream house just in time for bundle of joy # 2's arrival! Great news.

  3. Oh thank god, I didn't have to wait for the pay off.

    The trouble with reading blogs is you take on a thousand strangers' hopes and fears along with your own!