Monday, March 16, 2009

Lazy Lady's Update....

Right, my brain is a bit all over the place this week with all the good news I've been receiving, so I thought that as it's all slowly starting to sink in, I'd share it all with you (some of it for the second time!) in what is basically just a lazy excuse for today's blog.


Yes, yes, yes.... I know I already told you this, but it's really only just now sinking in, especially since we found out today that the owners have accepted our haggling and reduced the rent by €75.00/month which means I won't have to sell a kidney and I can still afford to buy the baby a new pair of shoes.


In other good news, after almost a year of wrestling with the Dept of Justice and Immigration, my lovely Canadian bottom has FINALLY been granted leave to remain in Ireland meaning that myself, my Irish partner and the magical mixture of our genes we call the snot queen (apparently you need to be married in order to be recognized as a "real" family in Holy Catholic Ireland, sharing your DNA just isn't enough these days...) will not be separated anytime soon and thus are free to live happily ever after, or at least for the next three years when my status once again comes up for review or until my darling J makes an honest woman of me, whichever comes first...

This week was also a good one financially as yet another pillar of the Irish Political System, this time the Department of Social Welfare, capitulated and gave in to our mad and unreasonable demands. Meaning of course that 14 months after her birth to an Irish Father and his pesky Canadian piece of fluff, the Snot Queen, an Irish citizen in her own right, was finally granted Child Benefit and Early Childhood Supplement. Please do not get me started on the innate sexism of the system and the archaic laws which give unwed fathers NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER to their children and only limited ones at that to those who petition the courts for equal status to their supposedly more responsible and morally superior female partners (ummmm... last time I checked, I was the former illegal immigrant with a dodgy Canadian credit rating and no qualifications to speak of...)

Aaaaaaaannnnnnd..... To put the icing on the top of the fabulously wonderful, sinfully delicious cake that has been my week.... Today marked the end of Phase One of Operation "Get Dream Buggy To Ireland!" At 2:07pm today, according to the lovely folks at Amazon and UPS, my Chariot of Dreams was delivered to an address somewhere in Indiana where it will be collected by the extremely thoughtful friends of a friend who are currently in the states on business and who kindly offered to bring back my Terrific Tandem as part of their Business Class Luggage allowance.


Sigh, Life is good indeed.....


  1. Hurrah to all of the above, i knew about the first three but not about 2.07pm which is deliriously exciting! We'll all be over to check it out when it arrives!!!!! Will J be able to put it together I wonder??!!!!!!! You can be the Irish spokesmum for the tandem buggy!!! And get commission and hence earn more money!!!!!!
    Hugs to you and the snot queen (tissues at the ready)

  2. Hee Hee! Very excited about the buggy. I keep imagining myself pushing my gorgeous babies around in it (ignoring the fact that I will be living at the top of a hill of course!)

  3. Did a little dance of happiness for you........after I had finished my grumpy stomp.....all emotions dealt with now - phew!

  4. I feel the pain of immigration nightmares.....Been there....STILL there! Glad it all worked out for you. ANy advide you could give on finding a hubby over her would be appreciated. x

  5. I am not surprised that you guys have had so much trouble - you are right there are hardly any rights for unmarried fathers here. But what a joke that they didn't give you the child benefit and childcare supplement until now that is just wrong - whatever your relationship is the fact is she is still an irish citizen and you still reside here. Immigration sucks - totally been there in a different capacity :( I have to renew my stamp every 5 years... pah!

  6. Congratulations!!!!! I will visit at some stage ;p