Sunday, March 8, 2009

Peanut Butter Breakfast

I am pretty sure that peanut butter cookies do not constitute a healthy, balanced breakfast, no matter how tasty they may be. Although somehow, at 8 in the morning on an empty stomach, after having had said cookies for dinner the night before as well as for a midnight snack, they somehow don't taste quite so good...

It's morning here and after a good night's sleep (yay!!!!) the queen is sitting on the potty taking care of her morning business which, having the pleasure of sitting downwind of her, I can proudly say she is doing quite well at!

She actually slept quite well last night, as did I. I was afraid that the opposite would happen as daddy was away and I was dreading having to do battle with the snot queen on my own. But after a lovely day spent with the other mummies watching the animals at FOTA (we saw some particularly ummm.... lusty oxen as well as some giraffes who found it completely okay to drink each other's pee, BLECH!!!!) and chilling out with some peanut butter cookies, my gorgeous girl was sound asleep before ten and slept solid until almost 8:30! Maybe she likes the extra space?

Daddy, you may be on the couch when you get back...

I still can't fully believe that I'm going to have another one of these little people in less then three months time. To be perfectly honest, I still have moments I forget I'm even pregnant, which, considering that I am now in my THIRD trimester, is no mean feat!

I'm finding that pregnancy the second time around is a lot more relaxed. Chasing after the Snot Queen all day, I don't have nearly as much time to obsess as I did before. When I was pregnant on her, I could tell you down to the second how far along I was at any given time. This time around, I actually have to stop and think about it, or just give a rough estimate, 6 months as opposed to 27 weeks, 5 days, 4 hours, 3 mins and 26 seconds along....

I don't baby myself as much either although yes mom, I do take care of myself and make sure to eat and drink loads and get as much rest as I can!

When in comes to baby supplies, I now know that less is more and that despite what the "experts" will tell you,"second hand" does not necessarily mean, "death trap." Did you know that women have been having babies since long before Johnson and Johnson came to town? And that it's possible to breastfeed without a support pillow and a whole new wardrobe? And speaking of wardrobes.... even though infant denim is super cute beyond belief, your 2 week old baby is just as happy in a sleep suit, which, by the way, doesn't need to be changed with every nappy....

In short, I've learned that experience and your own baby are the best teachers out there, and that the occasional peanut butter cookie before breakfast doesn't necessarily spell the end of the world:)

Happy Sunday! Spend it well.

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