Friday, March 20, 2009

Foolproof Parenting

I don't have much time. The small one is halfway through tearing all of the wipes out of the package and only has another forty or so to go before she hits bottom.

This is part of my fabulous new parenting strategy. I call it the "Do what you want so long as it's not too dangerous, doesn't permanently damage the apartment, you do it quietly and let mommy get her work done" plan.

So far it's going rather well. In the last twenty four hours I've managed to finish editing another four chapters of "The Book" (which you can read a few excerpts from by clicking here) and all I've had to do is allow my 14 month old daughter free reign of the kingdom.

So what if the sitting room looks like a bomb hit it and there are no longer any clothes on the drying rack below the three foot mark? Who cares if a few rolls of toilet paper got shredded or ended up stuffed down the toilet? Or for that matter eaten! It's fibre.

And speaking of eating, I'm pretty sure that a few raw potatoes and kiwis with the skins still on never did anyone any harm! Sure, she's broadening her culinary horizons is all!

My plan after all is nothing if not healthy! She gets plenty of exercise and fresh air crawling in and out onto the (glassed in) balcony, the door of which is left open for easy access, and her foraging skills are growing by the day!

All in all, I'd recommend this plan to anyone with things to get done and no time to accomplish them. All you need is an open minded view of just what constitutes "neglect" and of course, a steady supply of baby wipes.


  1. OOh I am so totally with you on hands off parenting. Crazypixie is currently working out how to get dolly into the DVD player! Meal preparation in this house involves her emptying at least two cupboards, and the veg and fruit usually don't make it from shopping bags to fridge without being sampled on the way.

  2. Um. Kiwi skins good, most nutritious bit.

    Raw potato bad, er, toxic!

    As to the babywipes, Ziploc bags are a mother's friend!