Friday, January 29, 2010

Sanity Saving Devices: Part 2

Calling all Mommas! Calling all Mommas! Has your patience been tried to the limit? Are you down to your last frayed nerve? Does the sound of your children's cat like squalling make you want to peel off your skin and run far, far away? Do you almost choke with the effort it takes not to stand in the middle of the kitchen and scream back as loud as you possibly can at them until their hair blows back with the force of your rage and frustration?

Well! Suffer no more! Because we here at Sanity Saverz have heard your (stifled) cries and now present to you "The Mommy Box." Yes folks! The makers of "Swifty Safety the Sanity Slide" have done it again! No more screaming into pillows as your little demon spawn wake you up for the 415th time that night! No more biting your tongue while the orange juice/milk/water spills from the table to the floor! No more hyperventilating as you try that "no fail" deep breathing technique you learned at parenting class while your toddler screams blue murder because... well, god only knows why! She's a toddler! SHE DOESN'T NEED A REASON!!!!!

"The Mommy Box" with it's patented "Rage Release" system, is the answer to your prayers. Made from light weight spastic titanium and roughly the size and shape of a 500ml container of milk, "The Mommy Box" is 100% soundproof so you can scream your heart out and swear a blue streak and those little innocent ears will be none the wiser!

Call now, and we'll throw in the "Calm Mommy" atomizer which fits into the base of the "Mommy box" and releases a potent narcotic every time the lid is opened! Your kids can scream the house down and you won't give a rat's arse!

The "Mommy Box" Because a happy Mommy is a Happy baby!


  1. Oh dear. lmao

    "Your kids can scream the house down and you won't give a rat's arse!" That's hilarious.

    Bad night? :-)

  2. I'll take 3 please lol. Jen.

  3. Oh that sounds great. How much is it? Any special offers for mommy bloggers? LOL.. X

  4. I'll pick one up next week thanks along with a Sanity Slide xo

  5. Have you a patent on the spastic titanium lol?

  6. @Mick: Only if you call being an all night milk bar to the two little teethers (one of whom may or may not be getting an ear infection...) a bad night :)

    @Jen: Excellent! I'll give you a discount on the third!

    @Foodie Mummy: But of course ma cherie!

    @Corkmum: Swing by to collect them and I'll waive the shipping fee :)

    @ Bluesky: Patent pending :)

  7. Can I have two please, and a travel version :-) Cheque is in the post!