Friday, January 1, 2010

Wedding Countdown: One More Sleep...

Fun things to happen in the days leading up to your wedding:

1. Coming down with some sort of hideous, evil, chesty cold bug. You know. The kind that gives you that lovely red nosed, puffy cheeked, dead eyed look that is just oh so popular amongst brides.

2. Discovering that your children no longer require sleep and that 2am seems to be a perfectly respectable time to start up a great big game of "Squeal so loud mommy's eyeballs feel like they just might burst." Screaming fits at 5 and 6am are also hugely popular and

3. Discover that your maid of honour, ring bearer, sisters and brother are trapped in a city four hours away due to freezing rain.


  1. Don't forget the big zit that many blushing brides get on their nose for the big day ;-)

    Only joking.

    Exciting stuff!

  2. Oh exciting, can't wait to hear more...the stress before hand will drift away on the day!!! Hope everyone arrives safely for your wedding xx

  3. I hope everything went well for you and you are now enjoying married life- Does it feel any different to be Mrs Himself?