Friday, January 15, 2010

Click. Flash.

The Snot Queen just walked by with her Uncle's hat pulled low over her eyes.

My dad watches her from his chair and sighs.

No no no no no.

It's her newest word. She's very good at it.

Small one is giving out on the floor. She wants in on the action.

Her dad runs over and helps her to stand.



My dad records another moment.

uh oh. uh oh.

Another new word.

I listen as my inlaws chatter amongst themselves.

Back at work on Monday.

Mass on Sunday...

Anna Rolls over, a pack of wipes in her hands.



Don't know how we'll get up in the morning.

Lily! Smile for Grandda!

Click Flash.


Small one's at the tv now.

Her sister joins her.

yeah yeah yeah.

ah haaaaa.

lots of squeals.

A kiss.

A hug.



Will we call a taxi for the morning?

No. Use the car.

Lots of giggles.

They're eating the wipes.

They'll be the best of buddies you know.

More from the inlaws.

Getting tired.

Still have to pack.

Shall we head?

The phone rings.

The babies play.

People are coming and going.

The snot queen has discovered the crystal coasters.

She kindly shares them with her sister.





Another moment not to be missed.

Too many will be.

My husband's family gets up to leave.

Who wants the baby?

My father laughs.

Can we keep her?

My mother has her.

Dances her on her knee and talks to her.

Are you going on the plane tomorrow?

The baby cries.

Coats are gathered.

Voices head towards the door.

Back to the hotel.

To pack.

Get ready.

We'll see them in the morning.

I check the time.

It's late.

I still need to pack.

But I'm not ready to let go.


  1. I know it is always hard to leave. What keeps me going is thinking about that next visit. Even if it is a year away.

  2. You will never let go. You carry your family in your heart wherever you are. Hugs (())

  3. I know what you feel. It's hard to let family go. Hugs. X

  4. ah Maria..that's heartbreaking, thinking of you and your family who will miss you as much as you will miss them xx Ange

  5. This is very touching. Hope you're doing ok. I've tagged you over at mine ( for Top 10 Favourite Things Meme x