Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Out the window they go!

Calling all mums! Calling all mums! Are you sick of being driven crazy by babies who just won't nap and who insist on waking up at all hours of the night, to the point that you just want to throw them out the window BUT YOU CAN'T???????

Well, suffer no more because there IS a solution! Allow me to introduce (drumroll please...) "SWIFTY SAFETY THE SANITY SLIDE!!!"

Imagine if you will the inflatable slide used on most aircraft as an emergency exit and featured quite prominently in the safety brochure in the seat pocket in front of you. Now, take that slide and encase it in an inflatable tube made of high grade plastic. Next, affix the enclosed blow up mattress to the bottom.

Finally, attach the now completed slide to the necessary window. You are now ready to "Swiftly" and "Safely" bung your child out of any window you like without fear of legal, social or moral repercussions!

"Swifty Safety the Sanity Slide" Fun for parents AND children!


  1. where can i buy one of these?
    do they come in mummy size for us desperate housewives?

  2. Would they be big enough for chucking annoying adults out of windows? Every office should have an adult sized one (and some homes...)

  3. Can I jump out of the window instead and run down the road for a night with the girls?! This is well-timed as I had a very strong 'baby out the window' urge at about 5am this morning!

  4. Excellent idea for over-stressed, over-tired parents - you may have just found your calling in life the design of novel sanity saving devices for parents!

  5. @ Sam and his Parents: Not nearly close enough...

    @ Corkmum: They can be made to fit any size :)

    @ Looking for blue sky: Definitely! lol

    @Young mummy: I'm right behind you!

    @Irish Mammy: It's nice to have a purpose in life!