Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Catchy title, eh?

As you may recall, I recently agreed to put aside all my high falutin' principles about keeping my "blog" from being a "flog" when the good folks at Reebok offered to kit me up in their brand new runners, track suit and kit bag, all for FREE!

All I have to do is write a review of their new "Easy Tone" runners with bum burning technology and all of it - the runners, the kit, the bag and THE BUM!!! - will be mine!

Not only that, but one of you, dear readers, will also be availing of this offer...

Yup! That's right! There is a free pair of ReeBok Easy Tone runners (sneakers to my Canadian Kinfolk) to be given away free of charge, to one of you.

All you have to do is write me a short poem about what makes you run in the comments section of this blog and on Friday evening I'll make one of your Friday's extra good!


  1. screaming kids with snotty noses
    make me run away fast
    a nice pair of runners to cover my toes(s)
    would make my getaway a blast!


  2. When all the house is sleeping
    And the moonlight streaming in
    I dream of pounding the pavement
    To find the peace within

    The kids are screaming, the cat meowing
    The dogs barking all the time
    How I wish to escape to that happy place
    And run from time to time

    All the noise, it's 6am
    To early to think to rise
    But the thoughts of my run later in the day
    Creates the bliss inside

    Yahoo, I've won, Yipee, I've lost
    Only few will understand
    But for those that do, Lord I pray
    Want to catch it in both hands

    I can do it now, I can tie them up
    I can walk, I can jog, I can run
    The stones no longer hold me dowm
    All I need are the shoes to run and run and RUN!

  3. LOL! I sold my soul for this one too - shame on me ;) Just waiting for the darned things to arrive now so I can start a vigorous exercise regime :O. Great idea for the competition.

  4. There once was a woman
    who ate too much pudd'n
    she ate all she saw
    and always asked for more
    But never gained a stone.

    A new pair of shoes did she own
    Her reebok easytone!

  5. I love them so dearly,
    I love them just tons,
    My children can be angels,
    but they are no Nuns.

    The screams and the tears,
    the tantrums and all,
    Make me wanna bang
    my poor head against a wall.

    So when I hear darling Daddy
    is home from work (lucky git),
    I run up the stairs,
    and throw on my kit.

    And before he has a chance,
    to call out "Hey Hun",
    I run past him at the door,
    and shout "I'm going for a run!"

  6. I MUST begin my baby diet,
    I postpone it every day.
    The baby's getting kinda big,
    In fact, he's 2 in May...

    I'd love to win the Reeboks
    'Cos I'm looking like a hippo.
    They would be fab for toning
    And they're far cheaper than lipo!

  7. Once I got stung by a bee
    and it flipping hurt me.
    It flew onto my knee
    from a nearby tree
    and without hesitation stung me.

    Now when I'm out with my mum
    for our weekly morning run
    if I see one about
    I scream and I shout
    "Run Run Run Run Run"!

  8. Sorry I missed the contest. I had a really nice
    poem for you too. Maybe there will be another
    one if you sell out again. love you darling.