Sunday, March 21, 2010

I hear, I see, I feel

Right. So I totally stole this from Very Bored in Catalunya (the blogger formerly known as Very Bored Housewife who had to change her name when a bunch of dirty ol' pervs got the wrong idea about what her site was all about) Basically, she was tagged legitimately by a fellow blogger who deemed her worthy of tagging and I liked the idea so much I decided to steal it for myself.

It's a nice simple one which is really all I'm up to as it's pushing midnight and we are in the car driving home from Dublin after three nights away, two of which were spent in child unfriendly quarters (more about that and how to get peanut butter out of suede chairs later.)

Basically, the name says it all. I simply have to describe what I hear, see and feel at this very moment. Easy peasy.

I hear: The hum of the engine as we drive down the motorway to Cork after a quick stop in our new favourite town "Urlington" which has the only 24 hour petrol station for miles around. A big plus when you are 60 odd miles from home with only enough gas to get you halfway there.

A Congestion Quartet, as the snot queen and the hubster take turns hacking up various bits of their lungs and myself and the tiny one keep time with a series of sniffles and sneezes.

I See: My hands typing in the glow from the laptop, the light bouncing off my lovely new wedding band.

The digital display on the dashboard telling us we now have 238 miles worth of petrol in the tank and will not have to barter our organs with passing motorists (Thank you Urlington!) It is also one minute to midnight.

Two sleeping babies in the seats behind us.

I Feel: So happy to have his lovely self back from doing a course up north and to be heading back to our lovely home all together as a family.

A bit Hungry to be honest. Think I'll have a bite of the sandwich and crisps we picked up in Urlington.

I smell: NOTHING!!! And haven't for weeks now thanks to this rotten head cold. Stupid plague...

Right. Now this is the part where I'd normally tag a bunch of other people to say what they are currently seeing, hearing and feeling. However, as this is a stolen meme, I encourage you to do the same and steal away if you like the idea.

We are 76 km from home...


  1. What a great way to pass a car journey:) Hope your headcold is better soon. Jen.

  2. I feel as though I'm there in the car with you all. I know that garage in Urlingford it's a good one. I drive a lot for work and I know my garages!

  3. Sorry about the sniffles, was glad to hear you are happy though and enjoyed Dublin, I might just borrow this idea too if you don't mind!

  4. Must know how to get peanut butter out of suede chairs. Do tell!

    PS I really hope you are feeling better soon!