Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waste not Want not!

The Snot Queen has hit a new milestone.

She can now wipe her nose with a tissue. After months and months of wrestling her to the ground and pinning her shaking head in place so we could wipe the gelatinous ooze (and the ever delightful crusty bits!) from her upper lip before she had a chance to shove it in her mouth and slurp it down (GAG!) our little princess has learned some manners (and basic hygiene.)

Unfortunately, she has not yet mastered the art of tearing the tissue off of the roll. Instead, she wipes her nose on the end and leaves it hanging there.

Today, I went in to get a piece for my own nose, only to discover all too late that someone else had gotten there before me...

I'm all for recycling, but this might be taking it just a bit far...


  1. What is it with the shaking of the head? My 1 year old does this too, you would think I was trying to suffocate her!!! Perfect description, but very sick making too lol. Jen.

  2. I know, my 9 month old is doing it now which is, I think a bit much! She's not supposed to show this kind of resistance at such an early age!!!!