Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ReeBok SchmeeBok....

Reebok Scheebok!

Me and my damned morals.

I could've had a lovely new pair of trainers and a whole new set of kit to boot for absolutely NOTHING!!!!! That's FREE! NADA! Seriously!

All I had to do was right a rave review of Reeboks new EasyTone trainers and their advanced bum burning technology on this, my lovely blog, and it all would have been mine. The shoes, the kit, the bag, THE BUM!!!!!!

But NOOOOOOOO! My stupid "Blah, blah blah! I HATE when people use their blogs to flog all sorts of shit every chance they get in order to a) fill space and b)get free stuff," morals had to get in the way!

Now I am Shoeless, well, not really... How about new shoeless? Ummmm.... not entirely accurate, EasyTone Shoeless, New kit - less, New bag less and Bum Burning Technology-less (Sob!), and FOR WHAT?!?!?!?

Does anyone really care if I occasionally pretend to love some random article of clothing or baby paraphenalia?

Will the world end if I pretend to be gaga over the latest "guaranteed to raise your child's iq by 8 Gazillion points!" Toy/Dvd/complete piece of garbage?

Would I really be THAT bad of a person if I gave in just this once to corporate greed and capitalism?

Of course not!

And before you all go getting your free trade/organic/ Just say NO! knickers in a twist, here's the kicker... One of YOU could have had a set too!!!!!

Which is why I have written a grovelling letter to the good people of reebok in order to beg of them to allow me the priviledge of selling my soul and their product here, on this very blog, even though I'm two days late in replying, so long as they give some oh so free love and goodies!

Stay tuned to find out how they reply...

Watch this space...


  1. And there was me thinking this was going to be about child labour!

  2. Oh crap! I meant to research their child labour policies before I gave in to my greed!!!!! Must I JO? Must I? Why does me think that the second I discover a sniff of bad practice, I will not be able to go through with trial?

  3. Lol, sorry, but lol. I hope they respond and I hope you get the runners. I have seen a few reviews and they look nice. Even better if they are free :D Jen.

  4. I'M GETTING FREE RUNNERS!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I did the right thing and checked out Reeboks employment standards and it turns out that they've been accredited as a fair employer by the Fair Labour Association!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

  5. I have only one question - Who gets the second pair of runners? Could it possibly be a person
    who has supplied/exchanged purses with you at
    airports, left favorite sandals for you to wear
    because they were so comfortable and would be so
    good to wear when pushing stroller up the hill.
    Don't let this cloud your judgement when awarding those second runners. I know you are a fair person and I love you for that and some surprise
    runners would be nice too. Have a great day

  6. That's so funny Maria! I was with the buggy (as my free entertainment) and initially going to turn them down and then I went - wait a sec - I have no job, no income, I walkwhen I am not clearing up poo that misses the toilet, vomit from my clothes, shoes and my child's ears and hair, I am blogging ... for free. So yes indeed, sir I will have your Reeboks and I will have a 2nd pair for a deserving reader. The other day I was asked how I manage 'all' my free gifts, I had to correct them the only thing I ever got was a tea towel which I reviewed because it was an Irish company - for free (disclosure - I did get a tea towel). So yes, I will swallow my blog pride and take the runners after all, I am Irish Mammy on the run!

  7. Good for you and your morals! And runners! Nice one!