Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer's Here! (and gone again...)

At 10:52 this morning, the Irish Summer began. From behind a rolling bank of grey clouds, a single ray of sun burst through.

Excitement began to grow inside of me...

Within a few minutes, the tiny hole grew and soon the sky was a glorious blue and the heat of the sun was causing steam to rise from my garden.

Quick as a flash, I had the clothes on the line and was filling up the kiddy pool.

The snot queen was running round the garden in all her naked glory, lapping up reams of vitamin D into her pale Irish limbs while her ginger sister slept away in a pouch on my back.

It was beautiful.

I raced inside to grab the last bucket of water for the pool and as I poured it in, a cool breeze floated chillingly round my legs...

I looked up in time to see the bank of grey clouds roll back into place, squelching the last of the summer's rays.

Irish Summer, 2010: 10:42am -11:37am

It was nice while it lasted...


  1. well it is 1317 here and the sun is bursting it's way out of the clouds...don't despair, it will come and stay for longer than 55 minutes, I promise!

  2. It has been cloudly here all morning, although it is quite warm now. *Rumour has it that we are getting a heat wave from tomorrow to last over the weekend. (*I will believe it when I see it). Jen.

  3. Oh yes the fantastic Irish heat wave! I find it so funny when I hear people mention the ever elusive heat wave or the scorcher. You still see me going around wearing long sleeves tee shirts. A heatwave for me starts at 36 degrees Celsius, otherwise it's just a nice day, at least that's the way it is where I come from!

  4. I hear we have a nice weekend coming up, keep the pool out just in case, keep an umbrella beside the pool though knowing our weather!