Monday, May 17, 2010

Musings of a wannabe backflipper...

Mmmm... I was just sitting here thinking "I really should blog about something, but what?" When I took a mosey over to lookingforbluesky and lo and behold, she'd tagged me in a 15 things... meme. So here, for your enjoyment (and because I know you've been dying to know even MORE about me...) are 15 things you may not have known about me...

1. Things that scare me
I've decided to amend this one to read "Things that used to scare me, but don't anymore - or at least not quite as much!"

- Leaving the house without makeup on. Seriously. This used to be a very big concern of mine. I would love to go back in time and have a long, hard chat with my 22 year old self. Of course, no way would she listen to me, she'd be too distracted by my "desperately need to be plucked but my husband borrowed my tweezers to pull out a splinter three months ago and I haven't seen them since" eyebrows.

- Big spiders and flying bugs that sting: Okay, so I'm still working on this one, but I am getting better! Just last week, I evicted 2 bees from the house without doing the "Bee Dance" or singing/screaming the "Bee Song." I really don't want my girls to grow up afraid of these kind of things. I want them to be the really impressive women who scoop up spiders in their bare hands and release them into the back garden.

2. People who make me laugh
My big sister has always been able to make me laugh until I cried (or cry until I laughed depending on the circumstances!) In fact, my whole family is pretty funny. We're big subscribers to the whole "If you don't laugh, you'll cry!" way of living which tends to make places like funerals and Christmas Eve church services pretty awkward places to be...

3. Things I hate most



Excess packaging. Seriously! Was there any need to SCREW my daughters cheapo plastic BUBBLE MOWER into it's casing requring a SCREWDRIVER to get it out?!?!?!? WTF?

4. Things I don't understand
Why doctors don't receive more training in Nutrition and Breastfeeding.

Why we allow our governments to regularly screw us over royally and yet still keep them in their jobs while hundreds of thousands of us are losing ours.

Why my children don't get as excited about sleep as I do. Seriously? If someone came up to me and offered me 12 hours of blissful slumber, I'd be in my pj's and tucked up tight quicker then you can say "sleep deprivation is a cruel and unusual form of punishment!"

5. Things I am doing right now

Eating a bowl of chips fresh from the oven in my daughter's plastic "Best Kid ever" bowl which actually belonged to her daddy when he was a little boy. (All together now, "Aaaaaaw!")

Listening to Country Western Music on the internet. Yup. That's right. You heard me.
Good music is good music is good music. Be it country, rock, pop, jazz... whatever. No one could ever call me a snob when it comes to my music. I love it all!

Writing this list and thinking about going grocery shopping with the kiddos when they wake up.

Thinking about making myself a cappuccinno...

Listening to my neighbor mowing the lawn and smiling because it isn't raining and the forecast is looking good...

6. Things to do before I die

Learn to do a backflip.

Take a dance class.

Sing a song of my own in public.

Get published.

Do a tour of Europe.

Be a good example for my children.

Watch them grow up to be happy, healthy people with lives full of love, curiosity, peace, knowledge and adventure.

7. Things I can do

Sing and dance myself into a better mood when I'm feeling down :)

Make my daughters smile and laugh

Love my friends and family

Bring my feet over my back and head to touch my nose.

My best.

8. Ways to describe my personality





9. Things I can't do

Back flips - Yet...

Vote in Ireland - yet...

Leave the country - until I get my passport renewed. Seriously, must get on with this!

10. Things I think you should listen to

Your gut.


The birds.

Your kids.

11. Things you should never listen to




and other ignorant folk...

12. Things I'd like to learn

How to be effortlessly chic! This is a skill which has eluded me for thirty years and which to be perfectly honest, I don't think I will ever learn...

How to do a backflip. Somehow, I think my life will be immeasurably improved if I could just manage this one skill...

13. My favourite foods:

Mmmmm.... Mrs Crimble's coconut macaroons. Oh my YUM!!!!

The fresh meat soup my grandfather used to make and that my parents do a pretty good job of as well. I could eat it by the bucketload and intend on learning to make it when my parents come to visit...

Sweet Poatoes. Baked, Boiled, Roasted, you name it... Hands down, favourite all time veg!

14. Beverages I drink regularly
Coffee (also known as "something hot to dunk a biscuit in.")

Water. Yes, it's boring but it's true. And when you're tandem nursing two children, it's essential!

Wine. Again... when you're tandem nursing two children, it's essential indeed!

15. What I did to the kids in order to get the time to write this blog...

The darling loves slept for the majority of it but when they woke, I cleverly scattered their lunch all over the kitchen floor and left them to it...

Three people I would love to see tackle this are:

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  1. Oh I smiled the whle time I read this :) Love you sister :)

  2. Wow impressive list, you are so bendy (is that a word?) able to touch your nose with your feet behind your back, seriously? I am so impressed, back flipping shouldn't be a problem I am sure you will nail that and the novel in 2010!

  3. I just knew your list would make me smile and it certainly did! I'm with you on the back flips, but I think I may have left it a little too late :( And I can't believe the make-up thing as I'm writing a little postie about that right about now....

  4. Had me laughing too, except for the excess packaging bit, that drives me nuts and they always seem to put MORE on the presents that Santa brings, you notice that? Jen.