Thursday, May 13, 2010

On the Move...

The tiny one is on the move!

Well, technically she's been on the move for awhile as she started crawling four months ago and has been wearing the knee (I would say knees except she really only uses one leg and sort of drags the other along underneath her...) out of all of her trousers ever since.

But this week has marked a new phase in her life so far, perhaps the most exciting chapter to date as our mad little woman has taken her first toddling steps! Yup, that's right, at the tender age of eleven months, our tiny terror is testing the biped waters.

Now, she isn't exactly running or anything and her record for consecutive steps taken is only six, but we're excited none the less.

Her big sister, the snot queen, has also decided that she would like to "learn" to walk as well. So each evening when daddy comes home, we all sit on the floor and take turns walking. First we steady the tiny one on her feet and she takes a few steps before falling into my arms.

Then it's her sisters turn.

Not one to be left out of anything, our 31 lb toddler who has been mobile for well over a year now, insists that we hold her hand at the start to "steady" her after which she takes one or two teeny tiny steps before collapsing in a heap on the floor with the effort of it all. It really is quite cute.

Almost as cute as when she insists on being put back into the tigger style door bouncer or when she climbs into her sister's highchair...

Anyone else's babies needing a little extra "babying" these days?


  1. Lol, my toddler used to get on the floor and crawl with my daughter regularly. She is now up belting around and you know he seems to get on better with her, less effort for him I suppose!! Laughing at Snot Queen getting into the bouncer/highchair, very cute :D Jen.

  2. Oh that's cute. Marie (7) crawls slongside Noelie (1) lol. She's on the verge of walking too. So Well Done to the tiny one!

  3. I love that stage soooo much, makes me go all broody just reading about it!

  4. i can hardly wait maria.. i will be on the floor with her also lol