Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pooh Stinks!




Here's a riddle.

What's slimy and beige with little black kiwi seeds in it and a stink that would curl your toes?

Hint: It's also all over the snot queen's hands.

Another Hint: There is a good chance that the entire sitting room will now need a good disinfecting.

Final Hint (Just for the hell of it!): The discovery was heralded by the snot queen holding up her hands and shouting "POOH STINKY!"

My 2 year old has made a new discovery. Poo. She is obsessed with it. Her own, her sister's and anyone else's she happens to come across.

She was delirious with joy when she found some of the cow's doings when we visited nanny and granda on the weekend and yesterday's walk home from the shops (a five minute journey for the average adult) took the better part of an hour thanks to the inconsiderate dog owners who regularly leave their animal's excrement on the foot path.

She has also discovered where poo comes from. Namely, her nappy, and insists on reaching inside everytime she does a number two to see what came out.

Next stop, Potty Training.

This should be fun...


  1. Uh, ahem, ok, trying to think here but failing miserably so all I can do is LOL, sorry :D Jen.

  2. hahahahahahahahaha rolling on the floor clutching my stomach llaughing uncontrollably.. hey lil .. did ya taste it hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    love dad

  3. @ Jen and Dad (I mean... anonymous...) :)