Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lesson Learned

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The tiny one was set to "Super Whinge" as she only got about 8 hours sleep on account of deciding that 8:00pm was an unacceptable bedtime and that half eleven suited her much better thank you very much.

The Snot Queen simply hates to be outdone at anything and so cranked the whinge factor up to max in order to outdo her tiny cohort.

My brain was short circuiting and they had discovered my hideaway in the utility room.

It was time for drastic measures.

Two open cupboards and a roll of nappy liners later and the two were happily esconced in destroying what little order was left in the kitchen. There was nothing to hurt them in the cupboards and the liners could be thrown in a bag later so I felt pretty confident in turning my back on the two to answer a few emails and do a little facebooking.

Classic beginner's mistake.

Never turn your back on thine enemy.

My stress levels were just starting to return to something vaguely resembling "normal" when the sound of water splashing had them skyrocketing again.

Only it wasn't water.

It was soymilk.

A full litre of it to be precise, removed from the fridge by two year old hands and poured as carefully as a two year old can into a plastic mixing bowl which was now serving as a mini paddling pool for the tiny one.

Is it too early to start drinking yet?


  1. Poor Mommy, the dastardly duo strikes again.

  2. I hide in the utility room too. Oh dear on the soymilk paddling pool. I hope they take a nap today for you otherwise you will be fit to be tied by their bedtime! Jen.

  3. haha, had to post again, the word verification for my last comment was 'strop', hope it wasn't an indication of how your girls will be later!! Jen

  4. Yikes! I know those days hopefully they will tire themselves out and give you an earlier night tonight!! x

  5. I feel cheated I don't have a utility room! By the way my little one did a wee on the kitchen tiles the other day because she wouldn't let me put a nappy on her and then cried because the wee had splashed her- I thought of you :)

  6. It reminds me of a time I tried to wallpaper with someone's help. The last straw was when
    I picked someone out of the tub of water soaked
    to the bone. That was the end of my wallpapering with children. And yes you were
    the darling who contributed to all my grey
    hair. Love you.

  7. Drinking sounds reasonable to me. My most recent one was fabric conditioner all over the kitchen floor.