Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I think I've been dumped.

It's been over a month since I was asked to take part in the Reebok Easytone campaign and what do I have to show for it?


That's right. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

No free runners.

No free gear.

And definitely no new bum :(


On the bright side, the lovely people at Cushelle (formerly Charmin') actually do care about me and unlike a certain lying, cheating, no good sneaker company, when they said they wanted to send me a lovely goody bag (well, two actually, one for me and one for one of you!) they meant it.

Again, the deal was the same. All I had to was try the toilet roll and spread the word about it's softness (it is quite cushy...) and general loveliness (there are koalas imprinted on each square) and then explain how "Charmin" was now "Cushelle" and that the bear (who I had bit of a soft spot for to be honest... especially in the ad where he takes a newspaper and goes behind the tree to do his business) had been given the boot and a new, even cuddlier koala had taken his place.

In return, I would receive a 4 pack of toilet roll, a lovely hand towel (I've been wary of ours ever since the giant spider incident of last summer) and a really cute little Koala soft toy along with one of those key-rings with a trolley coin in it.

The towel is now in our bathroom, the koala has been kidnapped by the snot queen and the trolley coin has already been used at both Tesco as well as SuperValu. The toilet roll however, remains in it's packaging.

You see, I have this thing about nice toilet roll. It really excites me. Being a bit on the frugal side, I tend to opt for the bog standard, single ply, 12 rolls for €1.59 deal. You know, the stuff you can almost see the newsprint on. For some reason, I've always seen luxury toilet roll as being something to one day aspire to.

Some people look forward to the day when they own their own home, I look forward to owning soft toilet roll with pictures on it.

Having prematurely come into the possession of said luxury item, I'm loathe to open it and use it all up. Instead, I've been keeping it in it's carrier bag, wrapped up tightly, waiting for the day when all is quiet and I can go to the toilet in peace and truly appreciate it's lush, quilted, koala imprinted softness.

As luck would have it though, my good friends and neighbors also happen to be loyal "Cushelle" users so I've been able to try it out without having to break into my own little cache.

Life, my friends, is good. And soft, with little koalas printed all over it...

Now for the fun part...


Yup, once again, it is time to reach deep into your soul and let the world know what "softness" means to you.

The winner will receive a Cushelle gift bag complete with Toilet roll, hand towel, cuddly toy and trolley coin. For the rest of you, the Cushelle site is giving away THOUSANDS of little koala bears in an attempt to spread the word about their change of name. Good Luck!

Mammy x


  1. Ok, I am exactly like you when it comes to toilet roll, I love to admire it and almost feel like it is a waste (excuse the pun) to use the good stuff. I love when the good stuff is on special offer :D I will go and compose and come back:) Jen.

  2. Ode to Softness!

    Dear lovely soft bog roll
    You feel so nice on my b*m
    If Mammydiares lets me win
    She will be my very best chum


  3. Softness is.......
    Rubbing my little boys tiny toes
    the tip of his small shiny nose
    his soft cheeks all hot and red
    and not one tooth in his head!

    Softness is.......
    When my toddler creeps into my bed
    and we lie quietly while I rub her head
    her soft hot breath on my face
    I can't think of a nicer place.

  4. Softness is a reassuring whisper while you sleep
    Softness is a pair of arms to hold you while you weep
    Softness is a loving breast to welcome your weary head
    Softness is a great big hug as you wake up in your bed

  5. "I've been keeping it in it's carrier bag, wrapped up tightly, waiting for the day when all is quiet and I can go to the toilet in peace and truly appreciate it's lush, quilted, koala imprinted softness."

    Bwahahahaha!! You really got me going with this one. You are so hilarious. Meanwhile, I'm not feeling toilet paper poetry inspired today, so I'll get back to you if I can come up with something. You've got some really good ones in the comment box already!!