Monday, April 12, 2010

Plastic Fantastic!

Thank you Irish Mammy! You have jump started my Blogging Mojo (and quite possibly my other Mojo as well!) with the Plastic Joy Award. This award is all about those character's from the world of fiction that you so would... you know...

Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" : Yes, I know, he's a cartoon and he's only 16 with a mildly disturbing desire to find the right girl and get married NOW, but I mean hey, look at the guy! He could totally pass for at LEAST 25 and the way his muscles ripple through his torn shirt as he tries to gain control of the sinking ship... Not to mention that the romance in his soul is enough to fill a library full of Mills and Boon novels...

Sawyer from Lost: So help me god, I'm a sucker for the hot con man with a heart of, if not gold then at the very least, lightly tarnished brass. The hair, the eyes, the accent and the fact that there's always some sort of comedy in his scenes all add up to someone I would have no trouble spending time with on a desert island...

Hugh Grant in ANYTHING!!!! Let's be honest, there's really no point in trying to pick one of his movie roles in particular as he plays the SAME CHARACTER EVERY TIME! But boy does he do it well... Floppy haired, posh, up himself yet slightly clueless Englishman with a penchant for dirty, Hollywood Blvd hookers (hmmm.... that part, not so hot) I'd personally be torn between him as The Prime Minister in "Love Actually" (ooooooh, the power...and when he stands up to the pres of the United States? yum!)

Johnny from "Dirty Dancing" : Probably my first movie crush ever, even if I was too young to understand what was going on half the time. Ignoring the fact that he was about thirty, had dropped out of high school, was paid for having sex with rich older women (They're shoving diamonds in your pocket and they smell so good!) all the while falling in love with and taking the virginity of 16 year old "baby" and wore the same outfit day in and day out, there was something charming and strangely innocent about the little gigolo... "Nobody puts baby in the corner" indeed!

Paul Rudd, like Hugh Grant, in anything: Nobody does "Slightly weird, intelligent, offbeat, hot with a great sense of humour kind of loserish guy" like Paul Rudd. Add to that the fact that he bears more then a passing resemblence to my husband and hey! What's not to love?

Honourable Mentions: Russell Brand. His wit and sense of humour are second to none, and when I read his words or listen to him talk, I'm completely mesmerized beyond belief. But as far as fantasy lovers, I think we're better off as friends...

Liam Neeson: Yummy, yum, yum... Unfortunately though, the term "lover" tends to imply that clothes will be coming off and I just can't get past the thought of "old man skin." Soft and wrinkly anyone? Ditto on Harrison ford and Sean Connery.

Niles from Fraser: I had more then a passing attraction to him in my early twenties. If you turn the sound off and take away the whiny, uptight attitude, the guy's got something going on!

Thanks to Irish Mammy for helping me get my blogging Mojo back! Now, here's the fun part: I'd like to pass this award onto the following fab, mommy bloggers...

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  1. I can tell you are getting more sleep and the babies are growing or you would not be able to
    describe so nicely each of these characters in such detail. It is now I bring you this timely
    message: beware the number three.

  2. Woohoo, I'm getting tagged twice for this award - does that mean I need to list twice as many men? Love your list: Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing certainly brings back some memories from the 1980s. So sad that he died so young.

  3. oohh, I like Liam Neeson :D Thanks so much for tagging me. Aaaaaand, I got a lovely chocolate treat in the post today, thank you so much it made my day to get that little surprise :D Jen.

  4. I am nodding and smiling at everything, even the 16 year old body builder ...until Nils from Fraser..ok it must be a Canadian thing ;-)

  5. Oooh! I picked Hugh Grant too but people disagreed, he's a good one isn't he! And I'm with on Russell Brand too, even though I think he's a complete and utter weirdo after reading his Auto-biography but I still would...And Liam Neeson. OK I'll stop now