Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cookie Monster

(stands up. shuffles nervously from side to side and speaks.)

Hello everybody. (coughs a little)

My name is Maria and I'm a cookie a holic

(Crowd Replies as one) HI MARIA!

This is my first time coming here, but it isn't my first time admitting I have a problem. I've known this about myself for a long time now but something happened this morning that made me realize I need to get help.

This morning, I ate cookies for breakfast. Not one or two, but four. Four delicious morsels of chocolate chippity goodness all gulped down before 9:00am.

I made scrambled eggs for the kids and I meant to eat them myself as well. Really! I did! but as I filled the kids plates, I realized I'd made too small of a batch and would need to make more for myself. The trouble is, I didn't make more eggs, I ate the cookies instead.

The cookies I'd sworn were for guests. The cookies I wasn't going to touch. The cookies I'd baked yesterday (the second of two delicious batches.) The cookies which have become the mainstay of my diet.

Later in the morning, I took the girls to a friend's house for a playdate. One of the other mums had thoughtfully provided a box of homemade cookies. I didn't even count how many I ate.

I tried to stop! Really I did! For awhile there I was really good! I had things under control. But then, the unspeakable happened and my local supermarket put their leftover easter eggs down to fifty cents. It was the same week that they marked the Fox classics bars down to a euro a packet.

It started with the bars...

Then suddenly, I was filling my basket with easter eggs, eggs that would later be broken and made into more cookies!

I told myself I would only make one batch...

I lied.

Six days and as many batches later, I can feel my waistline expanding as yet another batch of hot, melt in your mouth morsels of so easy to make it's criminal cookies comes out of the oven. I have even been keeping a spare batch in the fridge in case of emergencies!

But no more!

Because today I hit rock bottom.

It was one thing to have cookies for lunch, another to enjoy them with my evening meal, but cookies for breakfast?

Although, when you think about it...

It's not really THAT bad, I mean, there's eggs in there, and they're like a breakfast food, and flour! There's flour in bread, which is in toast which is again... a breakfast food! And my husband is forever drowning his pancakes in golden syrup which is basically just sugar... and then the butter, again, a breakfast staple, vanilla's not that bad... just adds flavour...

So technically, cookies really aren't that bad of a breakfast! In fact, they're a darn tasty one!

Maybe I don't have a problem after all!


  1. I have to say that I did the same thing with a rice pudding I made the other week. I finished all of it for breakfast the next day. Yummy!

  2. Nope, no problem. Anyway, you will use up ALL the calories and more running after your little ones (thats my excuse, happy to share it with you!). Jen.

  3. God I make you look restrained! I regularly have hoola-hoops or chocolate (more recently Easter Eggs) for breakfast. This morning is was those short-bread biscuits that I don't even like but they were there so of course I ate them. I think sometimes it's ok to substitute meals for junk well that's what I tell myself anyway x

  4. I just want to go out and buy some chocolate after reading your blog. I too have a problem with cookies in the house. They know my by name and they call out to me and say come find me, I'm over here in the cupboard, not that one this one.
    It's like your best friend is hiding in the cupboard and you have to go to her. I have gone and answered the call over and over. Need I say more.

  5. Oh holy god. Easter egg chocolate chip cookies...

    I\m so with you on this one. Not only do I have cookie issues, I nearly had to check myself in to biscuit cake rehab.

    Seriously. I was making them for the market, and the ones that didn't sell... let's just say, I put themin the freezer for safety, then discovered they're just as nice frozen...

  6. i often have cookies for breakfast, or muffins! cowboy cookies are my favourite, and they are nearly healthy... apart from the sugar.