Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just add Vinegar...

I have no idea what to write about.

That in itself probably means that I should just leave it be and try again later, but I've been doing that all week with the end result that my poor blog has grown a thick layer of dust that would take a sneeze of monstrous proportions to clear. You would then be left with the aftermath of said very large sneeze (yuck!) and the whole cycle of blog cleaning would have to resume again.

Therefore, I will stick to the tried and true method of mentally wiping things down with some vinegar and water on an old cloth. Much simpler.

Things are going well here. In theory, I have had loads of blogworthy experiences these past few weeks. There was the trip to Dublin which I spent squashed between two large car seats with one boob permanently exposed and on offer to the tiny one whilst I sang several vigorous verses of "Twinkle Twinkle little star" - actions included - with the Snot Queen.

This was the same car journey on which both girls decided to go for the record of "Who can stay awake the longest" (They both fell asleep as we pulled into our destination) and where we forgot to bring snacks and so had to stock up on a lifetime supply of Nutri Grain bars (of which there is NOTHING nutri about!) to help in our quest to calm the beasts.

There was the trip to the pharmacy where the Snot Queen decided to try out her shoplifting skills which resulted in me returning red faced with a bag full of burn relief cream and chap stick and the trip to the health food shop where she lifted three containers of that reeeaaalllly expensive deodourant.

I even had a lovely lady write and ask me to review toilet paper for god sake! (Which, by the way, I am very tempted to do...)

Seriously, aside from the occasional case of the "lazy can't be arsed's," I have no reason not to be filling both sides of the blogging page every single day of my life. But I haven't been. The stories are there, they just haven't wanted to come out, or else, when I start to put them down, I re read what I've written and decide that it's crap.

Me thinks t'is time to do a mental spring clean...

Dust off the cobwebs, shake off the dirt and start fresh.

As Scarlett O'Hara was known to say, "Tomorrow is another day."


  1. I know what you mean, I keep getting distracted with two young ones and the weather is improving so we are trying to get out. I think of some great stories and next thing I am wiping up spilt yoghurt, putting on my daily wash or dealing with a dirty nappy from pong heaven. It's tough being a blogging mommy to lil uns!

  2. Hmm, Send that lady on to me, I have LOADS of content for a toilet paper post. Snek.

    No, seriously, though, I have :)

  3. I just tagged you in a plastic joy award hope that gets your mojo working again!