Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life Before the Alarm

Ha Haaaa! The new plan is a success! Sort of. You see, I recently came to the conclusion that being a stay at home mom/ not so domestic goddess with two smallies under the age of two is not exactly conducive to the finishing of a manuscript.

Not during the day at least. It seems that the dynamic duo have picked up on my wanting to do something other then cater to their every whim and together have decided to thwart my plans of personal productivity (mmmmmm.....I looooooovvvve alliteration.)

So writing during the daytime is now out.

So how about the night time? what's wrong with that? Handsome J is home to help with the smallies, surely that could buy me an hour or two of quality working time?

Again, no.

You see, by the time supper's eaten and the girls are bathed/changed, it's bedtime for the Snot Queen and time for the Small one to start her nightly "quest for the Breast" in which she makes sure that her mammarian mates are well within suckling distance should the need arise, which it does... the second I open my files and set down to business.

Add to that the fact that himself actually likes us to spend time together as a couple and not just as two child maintainers on opposing shifts and night time is pretty much a no go too.

There just aren't enough hours in the day/evening.

Which leaves the morning.

Yup! I have discovered that yes virginia, there is life before the alarm goes off. A whole great, big chunk of baby free, just for me time to write and edit to my little heart's content.

Which leaves the rest of the day (and night) free for babies, blogs and the boyfriend. Oh, and tweeting.

Yes Jen, I finally caved.

Does that make me a total twit?


  1. I think morning time before sunrise should be banned! And to think that's what our children drive us to to find quality time! Have a great day!

  2. Visiting from SITS.
    When do you sleep????

  3. oh that sweet sweet time before the thunder of children looking for breakfast/ lunch when it's just you and the blank screen.. all you have to worry about is filling it...

  4. Love that no one up but me time...LOVE IT.