Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wanted: Connections

Want to hear a great way to light a fire under your arse? Get an early morning tip off from a friend that someone else is working on THE EXACT SAME PROJECT THAT YOU ARE!!!!! And by someone, I mean a certain website where I discussed my book and found volunteers to help me out with it. I'm sure that this is merely a coincidence of course and that they're not a bunch of GREAT BIG IDEA STEALERS!!!

Either way, it definitely got me moving and had me looking up agents quick haste. It was while looking up said agents that I came across this article in the Irish Independent in which one of the country's few literary agents explains that, 'recommendation has become increasingly important nowadays. "We have a lot of personal recommendation, word of mouth, or established, but unagented, authors approaching us." '

Hear that splushing sound?

That was my heart hitting the floor.

I know nobody.

I have no connections.




what's worse is that I'm (gasp!) not even Irish.

So how is an unconnected, transplanted Canadian supposed to get a foot in the door of the Irish publishing world?

Buy a pair of reeeeeeeeeeallllllyyyy long shoes :)


  1. No seriously? I don't believe it. You have been posting stuff up there about this project for ages - like since 2007. Oh my god! But don't fear... you have tons of connections through rc and through your blog and certainly some of your readers/ participants might have some connections in publishing. I don't know if I can be of any help - I don't know any agents and would have heard things about academic publishers in Ireland. But let me know! You have to get your book out first!

  2. Not rc thankfully(I love them) another site. On the bright side it has me moving! Thanks for the positive thoughts, I figure if I put it out, who knows? Something just might come back :)

  3. Oh, I hear your frustration. I'm in the middle of submitting to irish agents and everything I write and say sounds so bloody English (probably because I'm English!). Hopefully our sheer talent will shine through the annoying obstacles...........!

  4. Hey! If I get an agent, then that gives you a connection :) Being foreign really sucks sometimes. I can't write about Canada because I haven't lived there in years and over here, well... same as you hcm! HEre's to our pure talent shining through :) Nope, we're not the least bit over confident;p

  5. Oh good glad its not rc. I would have gone mad if it was. But this will work out M I know it. x