Saturday, April 18, 2009

United We Stand

Right, So I'm away again this weekend which means today is two blog Friday! Here is my second offering of the day, Although it being after midnight, it's technically Saturday now so, looks like I'm right on track:)

Last week, the Irish Government announced yet another "Get Rich Quick Scheme" ... uh, I mean, a new Budget. The genius' at the top have decided that having failed to squeeze money from the pensioners, they will instead focus their attention on an even more vulnerable group... Our children. The slashing and eventual cutting out of the Early Childcare Supplement as well as the future taxing/means testing of Child Benefit affects us all, not to mention the constant degradation of our Education system...

A group has been organized to protest these cuts. It is called PACUB (Protest Against Child Unfriendly Budget) and for more information you can visit Irish Mammy on the Run (the organizer) who can write about this in FAR better detail then I, or else you can visit the PACUB Facebook group (Click here)

I understand that people have different opinions on the means testing/taxation issue, but the only way we can be effective is to put aside our differences and act together to protect the constitutional rights of the politically weakest among us, our children. United we stand a much better chance of being heard and making a difference. Divided, we lose.

If we allow the gvn't to get away with this, they will not stop there. We need to make a stand and let the gvn't know that in no uncertain terms will we accept the political and financial bullying of our babies. (God I'm getting soap boxy, it's late, I'm pregnant and hormonal and probably not making a great deal of sense. Will shut up now!)

For the moment, if you would like to show your support, write a Message on a Nappy (have attached a sample albeit a messily made one!) and tape it to your front door or else in your front window. If you are stuck for ideas, simply write "Protest Against Child Unfriendly Budget" on it. Alternatively, you can send your (clean) nappy to both Brians and Mary Hanafin at:

Dail Eireann
Leinster House
Dublin 2

Have a great Weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the post and your great support!
    I will twitter this. We will post timings on the PACUB Facegroup book. If people do go ahead and send nappies can you please drop us a note so we can keep track?