Friday, February 19, 2010

News Travels...

I was pottering about online today when I decided to hit up my old friend e-bay for some pregnancy tests.

Before you break out the bubbly (or the straitjacket for that matter) I am not now (to the best of my knowledge) nor do I plan to be at any point in the near future, pregnant. Two under two is quite enough for the moment please and thank you.

So why, you ask, the pregnancy tests?

Three words. Peace. Of. Mind.

Seeing as to how I'm breastfeeding the two small demons, my monthly cycle has yet to return. This means I've no way of knowing for sure that all of my eggs are still in my basket and not out messing around with dear husband's super swimmers.

Being the frugal sort, I refuse to shell out ten euro for a single test at the shops when I can get ten test strips for four euro (shipping included) delivered straight to my front door.

Now for the funny part.

I paid for the pregnancy tests using hubby's pay pal account.

Hubby was online at the time.

Hubby immediately received a confirmation email detailing "his" (my) purchase.

I hadn't even logged out of ebay when the following message appeared in my g-mail...


Amazing how fast news travels...

Hope you're having a great day :)


  1. Excellent. Not that I intend going again,I have 3, and I did the last two with a 16 month gap, but if I did then I think my husband would deserve that kind of shock just for having super swimmers:) It was months and months and months before my cycle got back after breastfeeding so sit tight and enjoy the freedom (while getting peace of mind, of course). Jen.

  2. Sister go to I have bought tons (almost literally) from here, awesome service, cheap, cheap, cheap (they are a lab that makes pregnancy tests but also sell just the little strip that lives inside the plastic casing) It is the best site ever! Good luck!

  3. hahahahahahahaha
    well at least u are finding some time somewhere to "enjoy" your husband...:)

  4. I know what you mean my cycle still is all over the place since I stopped breastfeeding and even though I know I'm not pregnant, every month I still end up testing 'just in case'!

  5. hahaha that's great. Bet he almost had a heart attack! :-)


  6. I would have loved to have seen the look on his face when that message appeared. It's a wonder he never had a heart attack. It's like something out of your favorite comedy movie. I will still visit you even if you are not pregnant you know that right. I don't need a christening party each time. I swear.

  7. Hi Mammydiaries! Just came across your blog through Looking For Bluesky... congrats on another award!

    Funny can't do anything without someone finding out, eh??!! xx Jazzy

  8. Hilarious! Congrats on your nomination btw!

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