Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I feel like Chicken tonight...

I have a serious case of the "I don't have a sweet clue what to feed myself for lunch or prepare my family for supper and to be quite honest, I couldn't particularly be bothered anyway." 's

I have a bag of chicken breasts, some brussel sprouts and some corn on the cob thawing away in the sink. There are potatoes and onions in the cupboard and carrots and parsnips in the fridge (do parsnips go in the fridge? I can never remember...)

There are a myriad of herbs and spices on the shelf over the counter and loads of goodies like garlic and flour living beneath.

Even as I type this, I can practically smell the gourmet creations that the culinary blessed amongst you would come up with. In my head, I know that the potential of a beautiful meal is all around me just waiting for skilled fingers to unlock their moist, juicy secrets.

If you are the owner of those fingers and have an hour or so to spare, please feel free to swing by sometime in the next little while to work your magic.

So long as you have supper on the table by six, I don't care what you cook.


  1. Well, everything there is 'boilable', that is about as much as I can offer. I am no culinary goddess, sorry :D Jen

  2. AW, god, the what will I make for dinners. They PLAGUE me. I used to cook nice things. Now my family have killed my inner cook and I don't have a sweet clue anymore.

    One thing I like is cheese and veg pie - I make it with Quorn chicken pieces, but the chicken quickly fried in cubes would be perfect. Dice and steam all your veg (muishrooms nice too) make a quick cheese sauce (white sauce with grated cheese in, and boullion powder or stock cube or whatever. Fry off the diced chicken, mix all together, add frozen peas. You can put mash on top, but I like potatoes in it with a quick layer of pre rolled frozen pastry.

    Why don't you do a group email round all the mums with some quick tasty healthy dinners on it too - everyone can add one or two and send it to other people and reply all and we get some instant kitchen input. My friend did it, and it was great, but I was too lazy to join in. I feel a bit more motivated now!

  3. That's a great idea re:meal ideas... Ended up making a bastardized chicken cacciatorre. Turned out nice though. Being a "mom" definitely kills your inner cook. No longer a novelty indeed!

  4. I'm a big fan of one pot stop dinners at the moment. I just fry an onion, add carrots, and celery if I have some and whatever other root veg I have. Then I add some mince (lamb, pork, sausage meat, beef, turkey whatever is there). Then I had some chicken stock or veg stock and potatoes. I let that simmer for a while. I prepare it before I pick up Marie from school that way it only needs reheating. I add potatoes or some rice or pasta and there you go. I experiment with various herbs and spices too. SOmetimes it doesn't turn out quite right but it's edible. X

  5. That sounds lovely! Must pick up some mince...