Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No More Stuff: One month in...

It's been almost a month now since I started the "no stuff" challenge so I'm well overdue for an update. I'm also overdue for a "Great Weight Update" but after last night's Dorito Date and Todays Chocolate finger fun.... well, let's just say that hell will have to freeze over (or else it will have to stop raining here in the south of Ireland) before I go anywhere near the vicinity of a scale any time soon.

Now, being a rather "frugal" (cough - cheap! - cough) person to begin with, the thought of buying nothing (or close enough anyway) didn't exactly fill me with fear. Quite the opposite in fact! I was rubbing my hands gleefully at the prospect of having an excuse to shop for second hand bargains and to use my own creativity and ingenuity to make do with what I already have or just plain make anything I need.

I've had shoes posted to me from a mother who's daughter had outgrown them. I in turn, sent two pairs of the snot queen's old shoes to another mam. We've traded toys with friends, made our own fun and switched the tiny one over to cloth nappies. We've also sold or given away several of our un-needed items on, a popular Irish parenting site.

I suppose the greatest realization that I've made is how little we actually need and how, with a little ingenuity, the things we want can be ours without costing the earth (in more ways then one!)


  1. Great idea, you are right, we can all bet by on MUCH less!!!
    ps: Scales suck!
    Cameron from
    Conquer The Monkey

  2. I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by how much STUFF I have. I hear about people who give it all up and go live in a cabin in the woods, and think "I could do that!" (well, at least if there was internet in the woods!) :)

  3. HA Ha! I have similar delusions. Last night I thought I could run.... um no.