Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Carpe Diem


Life is good.

I know, I know... Logically, this shouldn't be so. After all, if you look at the facts, i.e my husband's just lost his job and we have no idea when or where he will next find work, I should be feeling a little more tense, a little more worried...

But I'm not.

I love having him at home. I love spending time together as a family. I love knowing that when things get rough (as they tend to do regularly when you have small ones) that there's an extra set of hands ready and willing to chip in.

I'm enjoying my children more then ever because I'm no longer trying to do everything on my own.

I'm spending actual, quality time with my husband as opposed to simply seeing him as the relief team in the evenings and at times resenting him for not understanding how hard it is to be at home and how badly I need his help.

The girls are loving having him around all the time instead of merely for an hour or two in the evenings before bed and they're loving their new relaxed mama as well!

I know it can't last forever, but while it does, I'm going to grab onto it and squeeze for all it's worth.


  1. *coughs* relief team is a great expression and I do that too, but oh wow is it hard not to after a looooong day with two who have tonsilitis and are behaving like a bag of cats ,sigh. Oh, sorry, lost the run of myself there!

    Good for you, it is great to make the most of it :)


  2. Make the most of it! Relief team is a spot on expression.

  3. Sorry to hear about your husband's job... I hope he is able to find something agaon soon, but I am also TOTALLY hearing you about how wonderful it must be having 'Relief Team' on hand! And how your children benefit becuase you are so much more relaxed and you actually get to enjoy them! Long may that feeling last even when your husband DOES go back to work.

  4. Glad you are enjoying every precious moment with your family xx

  5. Sorry to hear about your husbands job but I'm glad you're able to look on the positive side. You can't put money on quality time and in Ireland where there isn't much focus on the importance of the Fathers' role (eg paternity leave etc) it is rare that the whole family have time together. I'm sure it will only be temporary so enjoy it x

  6. Ah, my comment got eaten! Um The gist was, so sorry to hear of the bad news, but glad you're enjoying the upside.

    A friend of mine once said that what parents of young children need is to BOTH be home and LOADS of money. Sad it's usually the other way round!