Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A wee update...

You may be wondering where I've been lately.

The truth of the matter is, a lot of things have been happening in my life recently and for the last week or so, I've had to practice the ancient art of whatever the hell the opposite of multi tasking is or risk having my head explode into a thousand tiny pieces.

For starters, the recession over here in Ireland finally hit home as the funding dried up for the research project my husband was working on and we found ourselves joining the almost half a million Irish men and women who are currently unemployed.

Obviously, the situation is far from ideal, but we're making the best of it and have decided to look on the bright side and appreciate the extra time we can now spend together as a family. The girls are loving having their daddy around all the time and I've become very quickly accustomed to having an extra set of hands at my beck and call!

We've also grabbed the oppurtunity of having the both of us around to tackle the momentous occasion that is; THE TOILET TRAINING OF THE SNOT QUEEN!!!!!

Yup! That's right! After 2 years, 5 months and several thousand nappy changes, the time has come.

We tried it a few months back and she just wasn't ready, so we temporarily shelved it until about a month back when she started not only telling us when she was pooing, but taking it out of her nappy and showing us as well. After two weeks of chasing a poo covered toddler around the house and disinfecting our downstairs too many times to count... we finally put our game faces on and set to the task at hand.

Armed with a white board, a sticker chart, several different potties, toilet seat adapters and the tiniest knickers known to man, we got down to business and I have to say, it hasn't been nearly as scary as I thought it would be!

Sure we've had a few accidents along the way and sure not all of them have been in our house (at this time I would like to apologise to our neighbors for the “present” left to them on their walkway, the other one on their kitchen floor and the tiny one on their lovely white chair cushions in their kitchen... I understand completely if we do not recieve a Christmas card from you this year.) but over all, she's doing great, and it's actually kind of fun to really let loose and celebrate something several times a day... even if it is just a potty full of pee.


  1. So sorry to hear about Mr mammydiaries :( I know people are getting jobs now, but in the meantime, the potty-training challenge sounds perfect to take his mind off things.

  2. Had a giggle at 'tiniest knickers known to man', v true though! Sorry to hear about the project, hope something comes up soon. Jen

  3. Oh so sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he gets to find somethong soon but yes in the meantime make the most of it! X

  4. So happy to see you writing again. I missed it.
    Potty training always has its funny moments that
    you will remember forever. Good luck with it
    and can't wait to see you.

  5. Sorry to hear about your husband - something will be in the works for you guys I know it!!!

    Argh we have started - very unsuccessfully- potty training. The creche seem to be squeezing it out of her but she flat out refuses for us. Two nights ago she did a numero dos on our back patio and now thinks that is the appropriate place to go. I think maybe she has been watching the dogs???