Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Lost art of House Husbandry

Must. Write. Blog.

Must. Come up with. Witty. Musings. On day to day life.

Must. Not. Get. Distracted. By.

A. Abnormally nice weather we've been having lately.

B. Blissfully relaxing new three seater swing in the back garden.

C. Life in general.

Honestly, you'd think that with my husband home full time, I'd now have oodles of empty hours in which to write to my little heart's content. Strangely, that does not seem to be the case.

For starters, said husband has needed a little training up in the art of House - husbandry. Lessons such as "Where to locate the washing machine and how exactly to operate it" and "Why having a lie in and then proceeding to come into the kitchen and turn on the internet while I'm busting my hump feeding the kids, cleaning the kitchen, creating world peace, etc... is likely to get you killed or at the very least seriously maimed," have been a complete and utter success!

In fact, I'm pleased to say that operation "House Husband," has - aside from a few small growing pains - been going very well indeed! My student is showing a particular proficiency in the area of laundry and every day becomes more and more aware of the chaos around him to which he was previously oblivious(Dirty dishes in the sink? Didn't see 'em! Giant pile of clothes on the stairs? Walked right over it!)

He is even... dare I say it? Beginning to self motivate. Just yesterday I caught him putting a load of nappies in to wash and for the last two weeks, the bedtime routine of the snot queen has been his domain while I've looked after the (not so) tiny one.

Things are going so well. I suppose I'm a bit afraid to rock the boat and throw him into the deep end (i.e in full charge of the house AND the girls for an extended period of time) lest he suddenly decides that this whole "at home" lark isn't all it's cracked up to be and does the unthinkable...

Goes back to work.

Registration for the next session of "House Husbandry" commences soon. Places are limited. Early booking is recommended.


  1. Will you take an untrained one into your home and work your magic? How long is said training period? I won't even ask about charges, I will pay whatever :D Jen

  2. If you have one space available, I want it for someone dear to you. He
    just needs a little sprucing up as he too has been emptying the dishwasher, washing dishes and in general trying to be helpful as of late. My course
    unfortunately took 33 ;years to get this far. Yours on the other hand
    seems to get right to the point with wonderful results. You can bill me
    later after your work is done. I must warn you though this model is
    not easy to break down and will put up a fight. Please confirm that space
    is available soon. LOVE YOU

  3. I love it that he has suddenly become 'aware' of dishes and washing piles - classic! There's no turning back for him now ;o)

  4. "For starters, said husband has needed a little training"

    How about treating him like a human being and not using degrading terms like "training" and maybe he would be more willing to be a helpmate. He is a human being, has worth and dignity. He is not a dog.