Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Volcano...

Dear Icelandic Volcano,


I didn't ask for much you know, just a few puffs of ash, maybe a little ominous rumbling, whatever... Just enough to close Irish airspace for a few days. But Noooooooooo.... Stupid volcano, you had to remain calm and settled and cool as a flippin' cucumber while my lovely, wonderful mom who I've gotten to spend the last five weeks with, got on a plane and flew back to Canada.


A few months ago, we couldn't PAY you to turn it off! My in laws got a week's extension on their holidays because of you! Oooh look at me! I'm a volcano! Fire and ash spewing everywhere! Spew, spew, spew, all day long. That's what I do! Irish airspace? HA! No one's getting in or out of there until I say so!

Everyday, the papers and tv's were full of you! You were everywhere!!! You couldn't spit without hitting yet another report of how you'd affected someone else's life/holiday/business.

Now though? When I really needed you?

Not a whisper.

Not even enough heat to toast a marshmallow.

You let me down Volcano.

And no, there's nothing you can do to make it up to me.

All I wanted was one more day (week, month, a year would have been lovely...)with my mom, but you couldn't even manage that.

Stupid volcano.

Your (disappointed) friend,

Maria x


  1. I too would not have minded a little volcanic ash to keep me a little longer
    so I could have spent more time with you guys. I think someone tipped of Aer Lingus as the two seats next to me were empty and the two seats
    out of three across from me were empty with a man sitting close to the
    window seat blessing himself and praying the whole trip. I thought he was just nervous of flying but now I believe he must have felt he had drown the short straw and lived in fear of me wanting to show him all 555 pictures of my grandbabies while I cried. love you and am making plans for our next visit.

  2. haha, Maria, thats awesome!! Stupid Ass Volcano....Karen, I can just picture what you're describing and you made me have tears!! Being far from family SUCKS!!! (Tanya)

  3. I cursed him too on Monday. All I wanted was to be stuck in France for another week. Not much to as it? X

  4. ah that explains it - I've wondered where you have been the last while. Obviously basking in the glow of a wonderful visit from your mom. Lucky lucky you.