Sunday, August 15, 2010

What are the odds?

My weighing scales are broken.

I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, maybe a loose connection? A low battery perhaps? Whatever, the end result is the same in that it keeps insisting that I am 9 pounds heavier then I actually am.

This wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that my measuring tape is off as well! I don't know how this one happened. Probably someone accidentally put it in the wash and shrank it and then panicked when they realized what had happened and so put it back in my sewing box exactly as they'd found it. No matter, the end result is the same. The numbers are now so close together that it is saying my measurements are a full inch BIGGER then what they should be.

It probably got put in the same load that shrank my pants last week and had me standing on the scales in the first place...


  1. Well there's a coincidence: I just announced to everyone this morning that our scales are broken as well. I hope they have or the Wii Fit is going to say some really nasty things to me next time I get on it...Hope yours are completely broken too x

  2. You can take a page out of my book if you want. No weighing scales allowed in my house! X

  3. Funny thing Maria my pants have shrunk too. I must have washed them in that same load with your pants, measuring tape, etc. I'm sure it had nothing to do with those "I can die for"
    cookies I/we ate almost every night - and as one
    person whose name will remain anonymous, can attest to, one of us, not me, ate the last cookie that belonged to someone else. We can rule out for certainty that all those wedges we bought at the supermarket to eat on the long walk home up that hill had nothing to do with shrinking pants. So it is safe to say you bought a bum washing machine that likes to shrink clothes. love you daughter.

  4. Funny how that happens to me all the time - but I'm sure OH shrinks things as he's not the best as washing at correct temperatures!

  5. You cna melt it off though, if you commit to it for a fwe days. Wake up, have water and lemon and something herbal. Tea, I mean :)

    And as much fruit as you then want before 12. Don't eat sugar and stay off refined white carbs and within a day or two you stop wanting them, and stop feeling hungry. Lots of water, get in some walks if you can... it works fast if you can stick to it. I seem to be 5lbs lighter today than yesterday. It's a strange thing, the human body.