Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No Food or Drink allowed

So we were at the library yesterday to return some books I'd borrowed (one of which I'd actually managed to read!) Miraculously enough, Big was sound asleep in the back of the buggy while small was happy enough for the moment to sit quietly in the front, casting me the occasional sneaky glance to let me know my browsing time was limited and to keep it quick.

Sure enough, after 5 minutes or so, she was demanding to be released from her wheeled prison. I threw her into the sling which bought me another few minutes of peace but by the time we reached the check out desk she was on full fuss alert and threatening to launch into a very loud chorus of "FEED ME NOW WOMAN!"

So I sat down at a table and laughingly pointed out the "No Eating or Drinking Allowed" sign stuck to the middle of the table to my mother while the baby nursed away. Surely breastfeeding wouldn't cause any mess or fuss! Right?


After the small one finished, I handed her to my mom to be winded while I put myself back together. After a few seconds of gentle patting she let out a burp, followed by a cough, followed by what can only be described as a veritable river of puke which coated my mother, the table, the chair and the floor beneath them. Being a lady, she managed to avoid getting even a speck on herself.

Thankfully, the librarians were very nice about it all, but in future, I'll try and feed the baby before hand.


  1. Haha - Oh God I forgot about the rivers of puke. When I was bfing I went to Penney's and bought 5 black shirts for nursing (black was slimming - forgot about the stains...). I figured at 3 euro a pop it wouldn't hurt the bank to ruin a couple.

  2. I always wondered about the funny smell in libraries....

  3. An Award for you on my blog!!!!