Saturday, June 13, 2009

Babymoon daze with Big and Small...

Oh Blog! You poor, poor thing! How your careless creator has neglected you these last few days. Shameful really, your last activity was on the 6th of June. Your words have grown old, a thin coat of dust covers what was once a work of genius.

And what, you may ask, is my excuse? What event of earth shattering proportions could possibly supercede the need to fill this space with witty commentary on the day to day life of a writer cum mother and her wayward offspring?

Well, the birth of daughter number two actually. All 7 lbs 7oz and 55 cm of her. But not in the way you may assume...

You see, the reason that I haven't written anything as of late is not that I've been buried under a mountain of nappies or drowned in an ocean of baby puke. I have not gone barmy from tandem feeding a newborn and a toddler nor am I drifting zombie like through my days in a sleep deprived haze. No, I'm saving all of that for Thursday when daddy dearest returns to work and the care of big and small comes to rest firmly on my alabaster shoulders.

Instead, I've spent this last week in a different kind of haze. The nice kind that comes from watching the snot queen go from pointing questioningly at the new arrival to gently stroking her head and laughing as she touches her new baby sister's super tiny fingers and toes. I'm in the babymoon phase where everyday brings something new to marvel at from her little head of ginger hair to the way she keeps disproving the theory that newborns don't smile.

I'm sure that the weeks and months to come will bring their fair share of tears (mine) and trouble (them) but for now, I'm happy to sit and enjoy this moment of calm. Thursday will come soon enough...


  1. OMG, could they possibly be any cuter in their matching outfits. fair play to you for the co-ordination!!

  2. they smile darlin.. they smile..

  3. They sure do smile, like little angels, enjoy every single second :) Give them both hugs and kisses for us, love you sister, :)

  4. Many congratulations. Long may your babymoon lasts

  5. I'm so happy for you all, and can't wait to meet little miss.

  6. How positively incredibly wonderful! I am so very happy for you, and look forward to seeing life with two gorgeous little baby girls through your eyes~

  7. Ssssooooo cute!! Enjoy every moment. Looking forward to Junior's reaction to the new arrival!
    I heard normally no interest until baby starts to crawl so your little girl is well ahead!