Thursday, June 4, 2009

Notes from the Birthing Ball...

Never thought I'd be typing a blog whilst in labour, but here I am! After several small incidents in the night where I worried that I'd completely lost control of my bladder, old spacey here finally twigged that my waters had broken and that the pains I was feeling were not indigestion from the waaaayyyy over priced Madras curry I'd eaten for supper (Rice not included in!?!?) but were indeed the start of labour.

Which is where I am now... hanging out in my kitchen, contracting away whilst the new baby moves ever closer to being born.

Happy Birthday Baby! See you soon:)


  1. OMG So exciting! Good luck missus and keep us posted on RC! Happy Birthday baby!

    Patricia (misspuk)

  2. How exciting!!! was it the acupuncture - which one worked - the curry or the acupuncture???

  3. Whatever you do please do not eat a bowl of bran before going to the hospital that would be a bad idea!!! Happy birthing mammydiaries!

  4. WooHoo!!!!! Good luck chick!

    L xx(chickie)