Monday, December 21, 2009

The Hit

My father has kidnapped my fiance.

They left the house over 2 hours ago to get their tuxes fitted for the wedding. Thirty minutes later, Dad called to say that he was taking my beloved, "for a ride."

I'm just a little bit scared.

I love my partner. I want us to spend the rest of our lives together. I want our wedding to go ahead as scheduled in just under two weeks time.

Somehow, being taken "for a ride" by my father, does not seem conducive to these plans.

I mean seriously? What the hell could they possibly have to talk about?

"So, you're the one who knocked up my daughter (twice) and now keeps my grandchildren away from me for 11 months of the year..."

Yeah... That's a great ice breaker.


  1. OMG (In my best American voice) I can't believe that you are getting married in two weeks time (ok which is like in two days time because I am behind reading your posts) CONGRATS!!!! So excited for you, your hubby to be and the girls! Hope you have an absolutely wonderful day to remember!

  2. No I mean in nearly one weeks time - I read the date wrong. Still Congrats!!!